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Creating a connected town centre

15 Mar 2021 10:15AM

The University of Suffolk joins with the Ipswich Vision partners to launch a bold, new strategy for the town centre. 

The plan is to create the UK’s first truly ‘connected town centre’, a progression of the internationally recognised model known as the ’15-minute city’. It will mean a significant growth in the number of people living in the town centre with commitments to encourage new housing development on unused sites and by converting redundant buildings and empty upper floors. 
Alongside this, and to encourage more urban living, the plan is to introduce uses that will encourage people to live and stay locally. These might include schools and educational facilities, a music venue, an outdoor gym, and more green areas, cycling and walking routes. 

Read more about the plans by following the links below 

Ipswich Vision 2021-2025: 

Connected Town Centre: 



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