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Clearing 2019

15 Aug 2019 9:45AM

Today marks the busiest day of the year for the admissions team at the University of Suffolk as thousands of students receive their A level results and bid for a place at university through clearing.

Spaces are available on selected courses for students who would like to start this September.

Cara Shirley, Head of Student Recruitment said “Clearing is essentially for anyone who hasn’t yet applied to university, isn’t currently holding any offers, or didn’t get the grades they expected. We have places available on a wide range of degree programmes. Our message is don’t panic but don’t delay either, give us a call and we can talk you through your options.”

Call the Clearing Hotline on 01473 338352. It will be open from:

Thursday 15 August 7am-8pm
Friday 16 August 8am-6pm
Saturday 17 August 10am-4pm
Monday 19 August- Thursday 22 August 8.30am-7pm
Friday 23 August 8.30am-6pm

Open events will be taking place on Saturday 17 August 10am-2pm and Wednesday 21 August 4-7pm

You can also find out more about clearing and the courses available at

Student stories:


“I came to the University of Suffolk through Clearing as I didn’t get the grades to go to my first choice university. When I got my results, I was gutted and I thought that was it, uni wasn’t meant for me. After speaking to my teachers, I applied through clearing and spoke to the University of Suffolk.

After visiting with my mum, speaking to the tutors and the student ambassador who showed me round, I knew it was the place for me. It sounds cliched but it just felt right. It felt really modern, friendly and the right distance from my home near Basildon - far enough to justify living away but close enough that I could get home easily when I wanted.

I did loads of research, watching the films the uni produced on YouTube, looking at their website, joining the New Starters Facebook page. I could tell the University had a community feel and that really appealed. My advice for anyone going through Clearing is don’t rush, do your research and make sure your choice feels right.


I started at another university before realising it wasn’t for me. A week went by and I wasn’t having the best time of my life, I was down and felt so lonely. One day I woke up and knew I wanted to come home.

Travelling on my train home, I went on my laptop and searched universities and apprenticeships near me, and I found the University of Suffolk. I looked into it more and what courses they offered. I came across the Software Engineering course and I liked what I read.

The following day I went to the Clearing open day with my parents and we really liked what we saw. I enrolled that day through Clearing which was an easy process; it was quick and less stressful than I thought it would be, being the start of the September term. As soon as I started my first proper day, I knew I had made the right decision.

It is never too late to change your mind on what you want to do. Clearing isn't as stressful as people think.  If you want to change course, university, or want to go to university at the last moment, just go for it.

My experience of going through Clearing was what I needed and the best decision I made. It gave me a second chance of starting my degree again and showed me when life changes and feelings change, there are always other options and it isn’t the end of the road.



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