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The Centre for Integrated Research across Educational Spaces

11 Jun 2018 12:15PM

The University of Suffolk is continuing to expand its research offering with the introduction of The Centre for Integrated Research across Educational Spaces (CIRES).

The new Centre follows the creation of several others at the University, bringing expertise from across the University into one place.

CIRES will offer holistic approaches to research into educational access and progression, extending across subject areas, educational sectors and formal and informal learning environments.

Dr Clare Gartland said,The learning journey through different institutions and into the workplace represents challenges for people of all ages and backgrounds, particularly for those who have been traditionally excluded from certain routes. The ambition of the centre is to identify and inform best practice in supporting equality in access and progression across all stages of education.”

CIRES will:

  • Conduct high quality local, national and international research
  • Build on and develop expertise in research and practice that supports access and progression across educational contexts
  • Create an active physical as well as a virtual centre where relevant knowledge is regularly shared and critiqued
  • Foster a vibrant hub for early career researchers, PhD students and their supervisors
  • Support members in disseminating and promoting research outputs
  • Develop a forum in which cross disciplinary research and/or projects are fostered

It will provide and support opportunities for cross-sector and cross-disciplinary research collaborations, promoting innovative partnerships and networking opportunities.

Dr Gartland added “This is an exciting new venture. As well as bringing expertise together within the university we are really pleased to be working with leading experts such as Professor Miriam David from the Institute of Education, London and  Professor Penny Jane Burke from the University of Newcastle, Australia.”

The Centre was launched during the British Educational Research Association (BERA) conference entitled ‘Research and Pedagogy in the Classroom’. Professor Miriam David, Professor John Pitts and Jonathan Leigh-Smith from BT provided introductions.

The conference brought together teachers and researchers to present, discuss and engage in collaborative reflection on the role of research in the classroom.  Professor Chris Brown from the School of Education and Childhood Studies, University of Portsmouth, gave the keynote address.


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