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The Built Environment as a Sustainable Ecosystem

14 Sep 2020 11:00AM

Following a successful two-day conference last year, the University of Suffolk will once again explore issues of sustainability and the built environment in a virtual conference taking place this week (16 September 2020).


The University of Suffolk and the Suffolk Sustainability Institute in partnership with RIBA Suffolk and RIBA East invite delegates to a programme of visually rich talks and presentations with a focus on ecosystems, sustainability and the built environment.

Dr Liana Psarologaki, Course Leader for Architecture at the University of Suffolk and RIBA Chair of Education for the East Region, said “The virtual conference will run as a participative event and delegates are encouraged to interact throughout. We aim to enrich our collective understanding of some of the wider societal challenges of creating sustainable urban landscapes. Delegates are invited to explore with us built environments and people’s culture can evolve to address the transitional needs of the future.” 

“The talks and presentations will introduce sustainable developments in our communities, and within global imperatives as well as the research areas that the University of Suffolk is working within under the Suffolk Sustainability Institute.”

The event will be opened with a keynote speech by Professor Mohammad Dastbaz, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Suffolk and co-editor of Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design (Springer, 2020).

The programme includes presentations by Professor Nic Bury, Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Associate Dean for Research in the School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology at the University of Suffolk, and academic lead for the Suffolk Sustainability Institute (SSI) and Digital Futures.

Professor Bury’s talk is followed by an interactive double interview between Dr Marco Spada, Lecturer in Architecture (design studio and urbanism lead) and guest editor of the special issue of Sustainability journal: "The Fourth Pillar: Culture in Sustainability", and the organiser of the conference, Dr Liana Psarologaki.

Chemist Dr Valentino Russo will then present new paradigms of sustainable agriculture in high pollution contexts and the work of the innovative start up, AgroSouth, where he has the role of CEO.

Ben Powell, Lecturer in Architecture, the sustainable design lead for Architecture at the University of Suffolk and the Director of Studio Manifest, will be illustrating the theme of the event with a case study, the BT DigiTech Centre Eco Lab.

Justine Oakes, the Sustainability and Environment Manager at the University of Suffolk, lecturer on the BSc Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science degree, Convener for EAUC and Business and Research Lead for the Suffolk Sustainability Institute, will close the event with a presentation looking at ecology in the built environment.

The Built Environment as a Sustainable Ecosystem, a virtual conference, will take place on 16 September from 1-4.30pm. Those interested in attending are asked to register via the University of Suffolk events page


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