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Between Us: Biennial Conversations and Exchanges

20 Sep 2019 12:30PM

An ongoing dialogue between artists from China and Britain.

Between Us: Biennial Conversations and Exchanges is the second part of a new Sino-UK Biennial of contemporary visual artists and project Where Suns Rise. The inaugural exhibition took place in Yantai in September 2018.

The project aims to support long term exchange between two visual art communities on two very different continents. It brings together contemporary visual artists in particular connecting the geographies of East of England with Yantai, Shandong province on the East Coast of China. This year in 2019, the exhibition is presented concurrently in both Ipswich and Great Yarmouth and brings together almost 50 artists.

Responding to the biennial’s long-term aim of fostering new dialogue and connections the group of artists from the UK who exhibited in Yantai last autumn, have each selected an artist for this year’s show. The exhibition presents a range of medium from both countries taking inspiration from specific landscapes, ideas and communities. Despite their very different locations and geographies the artist’s work has universal applications. At a time of great global change and political uncertainty the exhibition invites us to both consider our relationship with our immediate environments as well as our broader place in the world.

We are delighted to be hosting our colleagues and artists from China this year and to discover new connections as our collaborative project develops.

We would like to thank Zhang Shuo , Wang Wen and everyone at the Yantai Art Museum for developing this initiative, the Department of Culture, Shandong province for their ongoing support and Robert Priseman who began the dialogue.

A Yantai Art Museum, China initiative with original projects, Great Yarmouth and University of Suffolk, Ipswich, UK.

Exhibiting Artists


Amanda Ansell Annabel Dover Ben Coode-Adams Bridget Heriz Bruer Tidman Chris Dobrowolski Claudia Boese Daniel Morphy Diane Howse Freddie Robins Jack Crampton Jane Lewis Jenny Eden John Kiki Judith Tucker Karen Densham Katarzyna Coleman Linda Theophilus Robert Priseman Ruth Philo Simon Carter Stuart Bowditch Susan Gunn Thomas Robinson


An Xiaotong Chen Yu Cong Ruri Dong Guihan Du Xiaotong Feng Weina Jiang Yongan Jing Yuchao Liu Xizi Peng Zanbin Shao Changzong Shi Pengfui Sun Ying Wang Lijun Wang Min Wang Wen Wang Yongguo Xin Guowei Xu Xuejie Yang Cheng Yang Wan Zhang Lei Zhang Lingyun Zhang Shuo Zhao Lantao 


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