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Balloon Art Exhibition

17 Jul 2017 11:30AM

A team of artists have joined forces to host an exhibition of sculptures - all made from balloons.

Sponsored by Kerseys Solicitors, Inflated Inspirations is balloon art based on the digital work of Pop My Mind. It will be hosted at the Waterfront Gallery at the University of Suffolk.

Award-winning balloon artist Samuel Stamp-Dod of VIP Balloons came up with the idea to make the online work physical – albeit just for a couple of weeks.

The former Suffolk College performing arts student said “I loved the Pop My Mind idea, whereby one artist inspires another’s work and so on. I wanted to create a balloon sculpture which also had an artistic message.”

“I would like people to see the art first and then notice the balloons. The exhibition only lasts a couple of weeks at most because the balloons will deflate. But I want it to be as eye-catching and fun as possible during its lifespan.”

Samuel of VIP Balloons will team up with a dozen other balloon artists and guide them in building the exhibition. The work will take a week to prepare – and the exhibition will run for 11 days.

The work will see a full-size tree grow from the centre of the gallery - with its branches leading out to new works inspired by pieces in the Pop My Mind collection. The exhibition will be immersive and interactive - encouraging visitors to walk through, touch and explore the art.

Oliver Squirrell, a musician and photographer, set up Pop My Mind for painters, film-makers, musicians, poets and creative artists. The online hub sees artists upload their work, such as a drum beat or the first lines of a story, to which other artists respond in whichever medium they wish - known as ‘popping.’

He said “Most people have seen balloon models at fetes and festivals. But this will be taking things much further and creating designs that tell a story. It will challenge you to think of balloon art in the same way as you might view theatre, pottery or even paintings.”

Anthony Wooding, managing partner of Kerseys and a published artist, said “This time Pop My Mind’s work may indeed go ‘pop’ while in balloon form. I love the work that both Samuel and Pop My Mind do and I think it will make for a great event.”

Samuel added: “We’re really pleased that Kerseys is on-board. I’d met Anthony at a networking event and became aware of his love for the arts. So, Kerseys were the first people I approached to support us and they have been a great help.”

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