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Art, Design and Humanities End of Year Show 2019

11 Jun 2019 9:45AM

Final year students studying Art, Design and Humanities at the University of Suffolk are preparing to open their End of Year Show.

Work from English, Fine Art, Interior Architecture and Design to Digital Film Production, Graphic Design and Photography will be on display across the Ipswich Campus from 12-17 June 2019.Dr Lisa Wade, Dean of the School of Art, Design and Humanities said, “The End of Year Show offers us all an opportunity to mark the achievements of our creative student cohort and to share with you their combined efforts in their final year showcase.”

Fine Art

Dr Susan Barnet, Course Leader for BA (Hons) Fine Art, said, “The 2019 Fine Art Degree Show is called ‘NEXUS’ and showcases a new generation of contemporary art practitioners who have developed their practice and knowledge through a bespoke approach to learning.”

“This year’s final show is testament to the students’ energy and enthusiasm throughout the course for experimenting with new materials, processes and ideas to challenge assumptions about subject matter and media.”

Kirsty Handford is one of the students who will be exhibiting her work. Kirsty said, “For the end of year show I will be exhibiting a series of works challenging the conditions that have come to form what a painting has known to be. My work hopes to blur the lines between the conditions of painting and sculpture by focusing on just using acrylic paint to build up layers and utilising the way the medium dries, to form textures from cracking and folding in on itself. This, producing fragile and self-supported works,  which remove the once necessary conditions of painting such as the canvas support, substrate and frame. My work is influenced by artists such as Simon Callery and Angela de la Cruz, whose artistic practice’s examine the reconsideration of the materials used when creating paintings.”

Graphic Design and Graphic Illustration

The Graphic Design and Graphic Illustration show has developed a reputation for showcasing exciting and professionally realised work. On display will be final projects across print-based and digital platforms covering a diverse range of social, cultural and environmental topics. 

Alongside these, students’ will be showcasing their professional portfolios demonstrating the skills, creativity and critical thinking they have been developing over the duration of the course. There will also be a display of work created for a BBC Studios placement project, which is due to be judged on the day of the Private View by David Wilson Nunn, Creative Director at BBC Studios.

Course leader Nigel Ball said, “This year’s exhibition will be one of the most diverse shows we have ever put on. Students have really pushed their creativity to produce work that is not just visually exciting, but also culturally and socially relevant. The work showcased on the walls and screens, as well as in the portfolios, will be as eclectic as the individuals who have produced it. We look forward to celebrating the many successes they have had while on the course—as graduates I am convinced they have bright creative futures ahead of them.” 

Amy Highland, said “Our class has worked together to create a show that will define who we are to the industry and demonstrate our skills and creative thinking. We have focused on the graphic of the question mark, an iconic sculpture that resides outside the Waterfront building, as something that defines the University of Suffolk which, to us, symbolises the unknown beyond higher education. We each artistically interpreted the mark in our own style as a final nod to how the university has shaped us, and to spark a personal dialogue as to where we will go from here.

The course has given us the opportunity and freedom to develop our own individual styles and processes and discover once unknown skills. The vast variety in skills and aspirations are assets which truly set us apart from one another, interpreting the same briefs and shared experiences in wholly individual ways. We have produced a catalogue of work, which demonstrates and gives an overview of our interests and passions in design, and gives a little taster of what can be expected from our portfolios. We hope that those that do attend the graduate show will take one away for future reference of us, our work and how we can be contacted.

This year we will also be driving a digital presence across social media and web. With keen aspirations in web design and development, Reuben Westrop and Jonah Priddle have collated samples of our work from the show into an online hub of information about ourselves and details of the show. We hope the show will be an excellent end to our time at university and will lead into the beginnings of our creative careers.”

Nigel Ball said of Amy “Alongside her studies Amy has developed a professional client list working for corporate brands. Between this experience and honing her design process while on the course means she is absolutely ready to progress to the next stage of her career. Her ability to rationalise the concepts behind her work, and the attention to detail she applies in its application, means Amy is an all-round designer that any design studio would be lucky to have working for them.”

Amy’s fellow student, Sabina Manolache, will also be presenting her work, which is entitled ‘oOdles – Easy cooking for students’. She said, “I wanted to solve the problem of unhealthy eating in students. In order to get to the core of the problem, I thought of going to the store shelves, where the decision making happens. Students are well known for buying processed food, especially noodles. This wouldn’t be necessarily bad, if they would eat them along with other foods, like vegetables or protein. Therefore, my project was based on the premise that cooking should be like stacking blocks of food to form a whole. This was meant to encourage students to think of combining ‘oodles’ of ingredients in order to create their meals.”

Nigel Ball said of Sabina “Since Sabina came to the course in the first year she has been intent on extracting as much as she possibly could from all that was on offer to her. She quickly developed a keen sense of how wit and word play could be used intelligently within visual communication and this has been a key feature of her work ever since. I am confident Sabina will go far.”


Associate Professor in Photography, Mark Edward, said, “This year’s graduate show in Photography marks the culmination of a year’s, and sometimes longer, visual inquiry into a wide range of subject areas.  This has resulted in each student producing a significant and new body based on academic rigor and visual curiosity. Sometimes drawing on familiar art and photographic tropes, such as portraiture and landscape, much of the work this year explores our relationship and engagement with contemporary society, and photography, through the photographic image.  Some of the photographs are challenging whilst others have a sense of deliberation and quietness, all of them, both individually and collectively, however, reflect and encompass the world we inhabit today.”

The students will be exhibiting their work as part of the End of Year show on campus before taking the show to London.

Interior Architecture and Design

The work exhibited will be from the final year of Interior Architecture & Design and from a selection of Year One Architecture students. 

Student Sabina Pitis will be presenting her final year work. She said, “My exhibition will showcase three projects that I completed for two modules this year, "Design Studio" and "Debates on Contemporary Practice". The first project I worked on for "Design Studio" this year represents a retrofitting solution for modernist buildings; I propose an installation of a series of algae panels that can distribute heat uniformly throughout buildings. My project for "Debates on Contemporary practice” consists of my research and fabrication of a prototype of an architectural cyborg. My final "Design Studio” project focuses on the masterplanning and redevelopment of a 6ha site in Bury St.Edmunds. The only existing building on site is "The Burligham Mill”, which has been left abandoned for many years. I propose an Arts and Crafts Centre that redefines the notion of time and work."

Digital Film Production

A showreel of work from students on the Digital Film Production degree will be available to view in the Arts Building of the University for the duration of the End of Year show. Students will then present their work in full at a special screening at Ipswich Film Theatre.

Dr Hing Tsang, Senior Lecturer in Digital Film Production, said “The BA (Hons) Digital Film Production final year students will be screening a selection of short drama, documentary and experimental films. Their work explores a variety of themes, based on original scripts and creative ideas. The students’ work has involved creative use of locations, collaboration with actors, and direct engagement with local communities in Suffolk. It is the culmination of skills acquired through individual and collaborative projects undertaken over three years. Students on the Digital Film Production course graduate from the University of Suffolk with a comprehensive set of technical, aesthetic and interpersonal skills that prepare them well for the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.”

Ayla Bloom will be presenting her Final Project screenplay entitled ‘Run, Rabbit, Run!’ She said, “Set at the beginning of the Second World War, this screenplay follows a hearing-impaired girl and an evacuee as they journey across Britain. I am inspired by how historical events are perceived and interpreted by different demographics. This screenplay, therefore, is a representation of my writer’s voice and the cumulative themes that I think are pertinent.”


Dr Antonella Castelvedere, Course Leader for BA (Hons) English, said, “Our final year BA (Hons) English students will be displaying original work from course modules such as The Short Story, Scriptwriting, and Reading and Writing Poetry. Short scripts for stage and screen will feature in the display.

Once again, our students have collaborated with undergraduates from the Graphic Design course and we look forward to seeing what they have produced. Students taking language modules such as Critical Language Studies and Researching Spoken Language will also display their projects, demonstrating the impressive variety of undergraduate work.

This year’s Show will host a number of exciting events. In particular, we look forward to the official prize giving for the Student New Angle Prize (SNAP) competition, now in its fifth successive year, with copies of the winning entries available to the Show’s guests.”

Student Elliot Woods will be presenting some of his work from his final year. Elliot said, “My time at the University of Suffolk has gone by far too quickly, but that means I have enjoyed it so much. I have made great friends, I've been taught by great lecturers, and I have done what I love to do the most; write creatively, and learn more about writing. The course has given me many experiences that have shaped what I think I want to do in life, and I am sad to be putting these three years behind me. Nevertheless, I will always remember my time here, and how much I enjoyed everything about it, from my lectures, to my assignments, to my time with friends and lecturers alike. Thank you for these years everybody.”

Antonella said of Elliot “Having Elliot in a class is always a pleasure for everybody. He is proactive, engaged and keen to discuss English literature from a critical and also personal perspective. This ability to discuss life, art and everything in between, in a gentle yet lively manner, is one of Elliot's strengths. Elliot is proactive and engaged, not only his in studies but in student life. His enthusiastic nature, creative spirit, keen mind and open friendliness contributes to his popularity among his peers and to his role in the student community. Elliot has a great sense of humour and an imaginative approach to his studies. His love of English and of the arts shows clearly in his work. His contribution to class discussions is always valued and he has the ability to engage others with his own enthusiasm. “

“We would like to praise his phenomenal progress across his degree coursework, from 2.2s in his first year to solid firsts in his final year. This shows a fierce determination to improve and succeed. His work on Scriptwriting also shows a natural ability for dramatic writing, and for performing, as he contributed to all creative workshops, reading from his own script and playing parts for many of his peers. Everyone in his class would agree that he is a lively and engaging performer and a very talented scriptwriter. We would like to compliment Elliot as an individual, to say that we value him simply for being himself. He is so highly regarded by his tutors and peers and he has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

The Art, Design and Humanities End of Year Show 2019 is on display at the University’s Ipswich campus from 12-17 June 2019. More information.


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