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3D printing labs supporting sustainability and zero plastic waste

24 Jul 2018 11:45AM

The University of Suffolk has furthered their commitment to sustainability by introducing equipment that allows plastic to be recycled. 

Funded by the University of Suffolk Foundation Board, the 3D Productivity Suite now has new machinery that allows recycling of the plastic used in the printers as Tom Ranson, 3D Productivity and Digital Media Technologist, explains “The two-part process integrates a large reclaimer that shreds all the plastic put into it. The second part of the process is completed by heating the plastic chippings. The result is one single plastic wire that will be used again in the 3D printing machines.” 

Although costs will be saved, the main purpose of the machinery is to support sustainability and to become a zero plastic waste room.

Tom adds, “The machines will be a great help in becoming waste free. The aim is for all the plastic that will come here to be recycled. This will be an exceptional turnaround and will create a great impact not only in the University but also in the green footprint in the world.”

Long term the University is aiming to become a ‘zero plastic waste university’ by recycling all the plastic left in the recycling bins across campus. 


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