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‘Preview’ Photography exhibition opens

17 Dec 2019 2:30PM

An exhibition by final year Photography students has opened at the University of Suffolk. ‘Preview’ is a showcase of the creative journey the students have undertaken on their degree.

Each student has developed a unique photographic approach and interest into a contemporary issue, which is investigated as a creative body of work.

Student Lauren Vince is showing a piece called 'Stein-Leventhal' which is a three-panel piece of images depicting pomegranate fruits in close detail and bright colour. The fruits visually represent the appearance of cystic ovaries present in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Lauren said “The title of my piece refers to founding gynaecologists of PCOS Irving Stein and Michael Leventhal, who in 1935 connected a lack of menstruation in women to enlarged, follicle filled ovaries, which were found to deplete fertility rates. My triptych of images comes from a personal journey living with PCOS, where I use photography to challenge the lack of discussion surrounding a condition that affects 1 in 10 women in the UK. The images also hold a visual connection to the pomegranate as a sacred symbol of fertility dating back to the ancient Greeks.”

Associate Professor in Photography, Mark Edwards, said “This exhibition showcases our final year students ‘work in progress’ as they work towards their end of year show. It marks a point on their individual paths, but it is not the end of their journey.”

‘Preview’ will be on show to the public in the University’s Waterfront Building foyer until 20 January 2020. It will then be followed by the degree show in June 2020 at the Free Range exhibition in London’s Brick Lane.


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