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William Hogarth - Marriage à-la-Mode

Dr Lisa Wade

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Thursday, 22 February 2018,
18:00 to 20:00
Waterfront Building 

The lecture starts at 18:00 with registration from 17:30 

Following on from the Christmas lecture 2016 on ‘Sex and The City in Eighteenth Century London’, Lisa Wade will further explore the ‘modern moral subject’ series offered by the English artist, William Hogarth.  This evening we will delve into the murky waters of eighteenth century marriage as illustrated by the fashionable coupling in Marriage à-la-Mode. Again, with a focus on narrative and history this lecture will examine Hogarth’s detailed artistic practices in order to reveal a commentary on the social and sexual mores of eighteenth century London.

How might Marriage à-la-Mode reflect contemporary attitudes to love and marriage, exactly..?  

Dr Lisa Wade is Head of the Department of Arts and Humanities at the University of Suffolk, and is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science. She completed her PhD at the University of Essex where she remains an Honorary Senior Fellow within the School of Philosophy and Art History.

As an art historian, Lisa specialises in the imagery of Hell and the Last Judgement in Italian Renaissance art in particular. She has appeared on TV and radio in discussion on this subject and she contributed to Phaidon's 30,000 Years of Art, and 10,000 Years of Art. She also works on the representation of women in the religious art of the Italian Renaissance, on saints and martyrs and on eighteenth-century theories of the sublime.

Lisa's commitment to education has allowed her work on award-winning national initiatives including the Realising Opportunities programme and she has been actively involved with knowledge exchange activities at both primary and secondary school level. Lisa also holds a number of teaching awards and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has been a regular guest speaker for the Women's Springboard programme and she is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy's Leadership Foundation.




Dr Lisa Wade
Dr Lisa Wade