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Waterfront Studios Jelly Meetup

Thursday, 28 September 2017,
08:00 to 09:30
Waterfront StudiosLibrary Building

Jelly’s meet up on the last Thursday of each month 8am - 9.30.

Jelly meetups are a FREE international phenomenon which offers students, freelancers, home workers, artists and people who run their own small businesses the opportunity to meet up and work in a shared environment. Jelly is about meeting new people, working socially and collaborating. Working form home can be lonely Jelly aims to bring people together in a relaxed, informal, working environment to maximise creativity and minimise the isolation that being your own boss can bring. Jelly is not about pitching and selling its about a mixture of work, conversation, sharing ideas and passing on tips and help.

Waterfront Studios aim to re enforce this concept by offering the opportunity to talk to someone with different skills who may be able to help solve a business problem or help develop an idea. This advise is FREE and will be offered in informal 10 minute chats to try and help.The following skills will be available at the Jelly between 8 – 9.30:

Social Media



CMS / Software / Online Business Advice

E Commerce

Social Media




Graphic Design


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