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Symposium in Sports Science and Performance

(5th edition)

Thursday, 23 March 2023,
09:15 to 15:30
University of Suffolk

Here at the University of Suffolk, we are passionate about sport and exercise, a scientific discipline that is growing rapidly. Our University plays a leading role in the production of innovative scientific research, which has an impact at both national and international levels.

In collaboration with several national and international partners, we are delighted to have you in attendance at our Symposium in Sports Science and Performance. This event brings together internationally recognised sports scientists, who will discuss the latest industry standards and scientific thinking.


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Dr Marco Beato

Marco is an Associate Professor with an international reputation who plays a very active role as a supervisor in the PhD programme in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Suffolk.  He is an Associate Editor of The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (USA), as well as a reviewer for some of the most prestigious Journals in Sport and Exercise Science. 

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