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Science & Technology Taster Day


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Wednesday, 24 May 2023,
10:00 to 14:30
University of Suffolk, Waterfront Building, Neptune Quay, Ipswich, IP4 1QJ

Do you have Year 12 students interested in pursuing further study or a career in science and technology?   We are delighted to be holding our Science & Technology taster day on Wednesday 24 May. We are delighted to be holding the following sessions in:  

  • Life Sciences -Biological Sciences, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science, Biomedical Science and Nutrition and Human Health -FULLY BOOKED
  • Computing 
  • Game Development 
  • Sports - Sport and Exercise Science & Sports Performance analysis - LIMITED SPACES

Please note in Computing and Games Development- teachers are expected to remain with their students throughout the day.

Information about what you will do in our taster sessions:

  • Biological Sciences and Biomedical Science  - During this session you will have the opportunity investigate and visualise a range of cells from bacteria to mammalian cell lines. This session will showcase our world class biological imaging facilities and emphasise the relationships between organisms in the environment and the cells in our bodies. These techniques underpin our ability to understand the molecular basis for disease and develop new diagnostics and treatments. Example activities include observing bioluminescent bacteria and real time imaging of mammalian cells.
  • Computing - During this session you will travel up to our digiTech centre to see our £9.6 million research and engineering facility at BT’s Adastral Park. DigiTech is a Centre of Excellence in Digital Skills for Teaching & Learning, Research and Knowledge Exchange at the University of Suffolk.  You will take part in a number of sessions showcasing all our Specialist high tech laboratories.
  • Game Development - This session is split into two waves; firstly you will tweak and refine a third-person shooter game within the Unity game engine. You will receive hands-on game development experience by thrusting into Unity and producing engaging gameplay. Secondly, we will all participate in a Street Fighter II tournament and discover the core competencies of a Game Designer. We will analyse the game's core game loop and expose the behavioural and psychological mechanisms that underpin its design. This session assumes no coding experience!
  • Nutrition and Human Health - In this session you will learn to measure the heat produced by the body using indirect calorimetry, and to consequently determine the basal metabolic rate (the daily energy requirements to keep you alive). You will undertake this practical exercise using an ECAL indirect calorimeter, and learn about your body metabolism, as well as your respiratory quotient. 
  • Sports and Exercise Science - Nature vs. Nurture – What Drives Elite Athlete Performance? In this session you will look at Elite athletes perform incredible feats of physical performance in endurance and strength sports. But how do they do it? Are they born with a physiological make-up that enables them to excel in their sport (nature), or is it all about the training environment they prepare in (nurture)? Or a bit of both? Come to this session to find out more, and to learn about degree courses and career opportunities in the sport and exercise sciences.
  • Sports Performance analysis - Talent Id and Recruitment - How to Identify the next "big-thing” in football? Player recruitment in football is incredibly important from both a performance perspective and a business perspective. Football clubs will therefore make use of highly specialised recruitment tools/softwares in order to inform their recruitment decisions. Would you like to know how some of the world's leading football teams use this highly specialised software to identify young and talented footballers? Then come to this session to find out more, and to learn about degree courses and career opportunities in sport performance analysis.
  • Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science - Come and meet some of our team working with conservation technology. The Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science team will show you some of the equipment and techniques we use to survey endangered wildlife around the globe, including thermal imaging, camera traps, remote audio recorders and drones. Sometimes, it is the presence of animals that tell us about the impact we have on the planet. In this session you will meet some animals that live on the riverbed and find out what they tell us about water quality and our environment

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10.00am Arrival & Registration
10.10am Welcome Talk 
10.40am Head to coach for DigiTech
11.30am Arrive at DigiTech and Security 
11.30-2.00pm DigiTech Tour + Lunch Break
2.00pm Leave DigiTech
2.30pm Event Finishes

Games Development: 

10.00am Arrival & Registration
10.10am Welcome Talk 
10.40am - 1.30pm Games Lab Session & Lunch
1.30pm Move to room
1.45pm Student Ambassador Q&A 
2.00pm Student Finance
2.30pm Thank you & Event Finishes

Life Sciences and Sports:

10.00am Arrival & Registration
10.30am Welcome Talk
10.45am Move into taster sessions 
11.00am Taster Session 1 
11.45am Head to WFB for Lunch
12.00am Lunch
12.30pm Move to taster sessions/head off on a tour
12.45pm Taster Session 2 
1.30pm Move back to room
1.45pm Student Ambassador Q&A 
2.00pm Student Finance
2.30pm Thank you & Event Finishes