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The Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Night - An insight into the exciting discoveries and applications of the regenerative medicine world

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017,
17:30 to 20:30
Waterfront Building

17:30-18:00 Registration and Welcome Drinks


Do you know what stem cells are? Are you curious to find out why regenerative medicine is considered the “medicine of tomorrow”, and how it can be used to build body parts and tackle degenerative diseases? If your answer is yes, then join our event to meet the scientists working in this field, participate to our debate and help us celebrating the University of Suffolk becoming part of the Regenerative Medicine community.

The focus
As part of our commitment to engage with the community of scientists, NHS workers, local businesses, current and future students and general members of the public with a genuine interest in forefront science, we will provide a unique forum to discover more about the world of stem cells and regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is defined as “the medicine of tomorrow” and combines state of the art approaches with the aim of repairing body organs. In particular, it utilises different types of stem cells, which are cells that have a great capacity for regeneration. This is an area of continuous fundamental scientific discoveries, paving the way for generation of future scientists and doctors. However, the use of stem cells is strictly regulated and therefore these pioneering therapies take a lot of time to reach the patients. There are a lot of false myths and misconceptions around this area of medicine and research, and we would like to shine some light, answer your questions and involve you in our debate.

We have a series of eminent speakers, including an expert from the UK Stem Cell Bank. Please see the full programme attached and speaker biographies.

The event has been organised with the contribution of the University of Suffolk Foundation Board and in partnership with Stem Cell Technologies. The event is also part of the Biology Week 2017.

17:30-18:00 Registration and Welcome Drinks
18:00-18:05 Welcome from Professor Mohammed Dastbaz, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
18:05-18:10 Welcome from Professor Mohamed Abdel-Maguid, Head of Department for Science and Technology
18:10-18:25 Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology at the University of Suffolk by Dr Federica Masieri
18:25-19:10 Talk by Dr Elsa Abranches, Senior Stem Cell Scientist, UK Stem Cell Bank-NIBSC
19:10-19:25 Question and Answer Session
19:25-20:00 Break including poster presentations and “elevator pitches” from students
20:00-20:15 Talk by Dr Alison Stacey, R&D Senior Scientist, Stem Cell Technology UK Ltd
20:15-20:30 Final Remarks and Close

Speaker Biographies

Dr Federica Masieri Senior Lecturer, Course Leader MSc Regenerative Medicine, Department of Science and Technology University of Suffolk

Dr Federica Masieri graduated summa cum laude in 2005 from the University of Ferrara (Italy) in Bioscience, with a specialisation in Cell Biology and Biotechnology. She then pursued a PhD in Biomedical Sciences in the same university, in the field of musculoskeletal research. During her postdoctoral activity, she developed research into stem cells as “tools” to form cartilage and bone in a dish. She also collaborated with several orthopaedic research hospitals and with a biomedical company leader in the sector of clinical biophysics. After a study visit conducted in eminent German research centres, she then moved to the University of Suffolk to consolidate her academic career and work on a project to derive cartilage from embryonic stem cells. Federica is now the MSc Regenerative Medicine course leader, dividing herself between teaching, research activities in collaboration with several international partners and STEM outreach.
For the event, Federica will introduce the audience to the exciting world of Regenerative Medicine and will present an overview of activities currently being done at the University of Suffolk in this field.

Dr Alison Stacey Senior Scientist, Research and Development UK STEMCELL Technologies
Dr Alison Stacey is a senior scientist in STEMCELL Technologies Inc Research and Development in the UK. Dr. Stacey has a background in tissue culture and media development for human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSCs). She obtained her PhD from the Open University in 1994 studying human immune response to Helicobacter pylori infections. She joined STEMCELL Technologies in 2015 and her current research areas include developing reagents for culturing ground state or naïve PSCs, their maintenance, characterization, and differentiation.

Dr Elsa Abranches Senior Stem Cell Scientist UK Stem Cell Bank
Dr Elsa Abranches graduated in 2001 from the Technical University of Lisbon in Chemical Engineering. She developed her PhD studies, at the same university, in the field of Stem Cell Biotechnology, where she worked with mouse embryonic stem cells in an “engineering” perspective, i.e. she studied how to optimize cells growth in bioreactors. She then worked as a post-doctoral researcher, initially in the field of neural differentiation and, subsequently, on self-renewal and pluripotency regulation of embryonic stem cells. Elsa is now the senior stem cell scientist at the UK Stem Cell Bank, NIBSC, UK. She is currently working on the design, development and execution of a programme of research and development that assures the quality of both research grade and clinical grade human pluripotent stem cell lines (hPSCs). She is interested in understanding how gene regulatory networks are assembled, how they function to sustain proper cell fate decisions and how to use this information to achieve efficient, reproducible & cost-effective expansion of hPSCs.
For the event, Elsa will present an inspiring talk with the title “Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: paving the way for clinical applications”