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Seeing is Believing

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Seeing is believing 0
Thursday, 16 July 2020,
07:45 to 09:00
Join us to hear about the fascinating world of research into improving the quality of life for people with visual impairment.

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Seeing is Believing

Why: This online business breakfast webinar by Dr Adam Clayden, Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for Game Design deals with the topic of visual impairment and how it can drastically reduce the quality of life of an individual. Foveal vision, a region responsible for discerning objects in fine detail, has long been established as crucial for tasks such as reading and visual search. Without it, a person will have blurred peripheral vision to navigate the world.

Ophthalmic diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in the elderly, make everyday tasks even more difficult. The talk will include a series of eye-tracking experiments aimed at measuring the importance of visual field regions by simulating visual field loss both in searching for objects in static (e.g. pictures) and dynamic (e.g. moving through a scene) environments. Adam will discuss the experimental results, and how they can be used in a clinical setting to inform the future development of tools to improve the quality of life for not just those with AMD, but visual impairment as a whole.

Who: This will be of interest to students, organisations and individuals in the medical, health and digital field; the utilisation of practical applications in computer vision, the automotive industry and other sectors that integrate AR, VR, and eye-tracking technologies. Attendees can be at any stage in the development of their business.

When: 7:45 -9:00 Thursday 16 July 2020

Where: Online Webinar

Cost: FREE

The format of the webinar is as follows:-

• 7:45am Registration and welcome

• 7:50am Introduction

• 7:55am Presentation

• 8:20am Q&A

• 8:35am Close - formal part of session finishes

• 8:40am Break

• 8:50am Close and/or opportunity to have an individual 121 with Adam and a member of our Business Engagement team

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Dr Adam Clayden