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Memory, Identity, Communication: The Power of Interaction for Sustaining Personhood

Professor Alison Wray

Tuesday, 10 May 2022,
18:00 to 19:30
Waterfront Building, Ipswich

The lecture commences at 18:00, with tea and coffee being served from 17:30.

Professor Alison Wray is a Research Professor of Language and Communication at Cardiff University in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy.

The memory impairments associated with some types of dementia can be difficult to navigate and frightening to contemplate. Memory is the basis of our personal narratives and hence our sense of identity. Memory impairment, whether due to dementia or not, can engender detachment and isolation. But memory isn’t just about what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Even those who can’t recall specific events can reconnect with others through conversations about their feelings, preferences and beliefs. Linked to the launch of the Staging Posts game, this talk will explore how such reconnection operates and show how we can all help build caring communities through better communication.


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