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Language Variation in the South of England Conference

Wednesday, 12 April 2017,
09:30 to 16:30
W417, Waterfront Building, University of Suffolk, Ipswich. 

We are pleased to announce the first Language Variation in the South of England meeting. Our understanding of the nature of sociolinguistic variability in the South of England is still lagging considerably behind that of other varieties of English. The meeting will bring together scholars in the field of language variation and change who take a quantitative approach to sociolinguistics to examine linguistic and social factors influencing variation in phonetic, morphosyntactic, discourse-pragmatic and lexical features.

The aim of this meeting is to enable the growing community of researchers undertaking work relating to varieties of the South of England to share their findings, discuss methodological issues, and debate the theoretical implications of their work.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. David Britain (University of Berne).

Organisers: Dr Jenny Amos (University of Suffolk) & Dr Sandra Jansen (University of Brighton).

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