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Ethical Leadership in a Post Lockdown World


Tuesday, 8 September 2020,
07:45 to 09:00

Attendees will be introduced to 3 principles of ethical leadership drawn from the ‘Ethics of Care’. The session will consider how these ideas can offer ways to rethink or respond to the challenges of emerging from lock-down.

As we start to emerge from the lock-down restrictions that have dominated our lives, we are presented with new challenges and new opportunities. In this session, we will explore some ways to think through our responsibilities as leaders and managers and how we can use these to guide our response to an uncertain and ever-changing environment.

“We’re going through the most challenging period that most people can recall and hear a lot about the ‘new normal’ and about how businesses will need to change and adapt to survive. I’m passionate about helping with that task and supporting colleagues to understand how they can make use of simple techniques to deliver real improvements in their organisation.This session draws on work that I’ve undertaken over a period of several years. I’m keen to share my enthusiasm for this approach to the idea of ‘ethical leadership’ more widely and to think about how it can be used to offer practical solutions to current challenges. I don't want to lay out hard and fast rules for how we should behave. Instead, I’d like to prompt you to think about new ways to address real leadership concerns.”

There is a great deal that we cannot be certain about including how and when restrictions on travel, education and our working lives will be lifted. Nevertheless, leaders must respond in ways which are fair, and which sustain and strengthen their businesses. During this session, Dr Will Thomas will introduce 3 principles of ethical leadership which can be used to shape a response to challenges of leadership in the current climate.

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Dr Will Thomas


Will is an Associate Professor in the Suffolk Business School teaching and researching ethical leadership and research skills. He will be presenting this Quaysize Virtual online Business Breakfast on the fascinating subject of Ethical Leadership in a Post-Lockdown World.



• 7:45am Registration and welcome

• 7:50am Introduction

• 7:55am Presentation

• 8:20am Q&A

• 8:35am Close - formal part of session finishes

• 8:40am Break

• 8:50am Close and/or opportunity to have an individual 121 with Will and a member of our Business Engagement team.