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Earth Day 2021: Making Nature Your Business


Thursday, 22 April 2021,
07:45 to 09:15

Over half the world's GDP is at "moderate, or severe risk due to nature loss" (World Economic Forum). Join Justine Oakes and Professor Nic Bury from the Suffolk Sustainability Institute for a breakfast with a difference as they kick start Earth Day 2021. Justine and Nic will explore how business, climate and planet can be transformed by valuing nature through strategic business action.

Justine Oakes is a chartered environmentalist with over 20 years professional experience and is the Sustainability Manager at the Univerity of Suffolk, working towards raising the collective bar for sustainable development in the tertiary education sector.

Professor Nic Bury's research interests are primarily covered by the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) 14 and 15 and includes aquatic toxicology, stress physiology and environmental monitoring. He supports the 3Rs (refinement, reduction and replacement) approach in animal research and part of his research includes the development of alternate test procedures for fish in toxicological studies.


Professor Nic Bury and Justine Oakes
Nicholas-Richard-Bury-(2) 0
Professor Nic Bury

Professor of Environmental Toxicology and Associate Dean for Research

Justine-Oakes 0
Justine Oakes

Sustainability and Environment Manager


The format of the webinar is as follows:-

• 7:45am Registration and welcome

• 8:00am Presentation

• 8:45am Q&A

• 9:15am Close