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PgC/PgD Enhanced Clinical Practice

Institution code: 

Three to five years part-time.

Typical Offer: 

Qualifications and management experience will be considered on an individual basis.

Please see Entry Requirements below.


These programmes have been designed to facilitate you in the development and evidencing of the knowledge, skills and competencies required to work at an advanced level within your own professional setting.

You will be supported to develop a critical awareness of current problems and new insights at the forefront of your professional practice. You will examine care development and delivery from your own professional standpoint and take account of how other disciplines challenge and contribute to the quality of care delivery.

The PgC Enhanced Clinical Practice provides you with the opportunity to engage in a critical exploration of the Advanced Practice agenda in healthcare practice. There will be a particular emphasis on leadership skills coupled with modules designed to facilitate knowledge and skills in relation to assessment/examination skills, clinical reasoning and decision-making.

The PgD Enhanced Clinical Practice provides you with the above, plus year two commences with the Non-Medical Prescribing module, which should be considered core unless you have already completed the Prescribing qualification or work in a profession where Non-Medical Prescribing is not supported. In this case, you will be supported by the course team to choose two optional modules of study.

Course modules

PgC modules

Effective Leadership for Advanced Practice (20 credits) (Mandatory)

Holistic Assessment 20 M Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making (20 credits) (Mandatory)

Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making (20 credits) (Mandatory)


PgD modules

Effective Leadership for Advanced Practice (20 credits) (Mandatory)

Holistic Assessment 20 M Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making (20 credits) (Mandatory)

Independent and Supplementary Non-Medical Prescribing (40 credits) (Mandatory)
NB: For students that have already completed the prescribing qualification at Level 6 or for whom prescribing is not available to their registered profession, optional modules will be available for study. Academic advice and guidance will be offered to these students to facilitate the choice of relevant and appropriate modules from the options listed below 

Research Methods (20 credits) (Mandatory)

Optional Modules: Reflexivity in Contemporary Healthcare Practice (20 credits) (Optional)

Coaching within Healthcare (20 credits) (Optional)

Dementia Care (20 credits) (Optional)

Applied Pharmacology for Advanced Practice (20 credits) (Optional)


Please contact the Course Leader to discuss optional modules:

Full downloadable information regarding all University of Suffolk courses, including Key Facts, Course Aims, Course Structure and Assessment, is available in the Definitive Course Record.

Fees and finance


  • Part-time tuition fee: £885 per 20 credits 
  • International part-time tuition fee: £1,310 p.a.

For students who are employed by a trust or organisation with HEEoE funding they should contact their Education Lead directly to request permission to study and funding.


Further Information

At the University of Suffolk, your tuition fees provide access to all the usual teaching and learning facilities that you would expect. However, there may be additional costs associated with you course that you will need to budget for.

Entry requirements

Academic Requirements
  • 120 credits at honours academic level or show an ability to work successfully at Masters level
  • No less than two years post registration experience with no less than six months experience in the relevant clinical speciality
  • Access to relevant area of clinical practice with support of their organisation on their advancing role
  • Current registration with the relevant regulatory body e.g. NMC, HCPC
Transferring Credit

If you have previously studied at higher education level before you may be able to transfer credits to a related course at the University of Suffolk and reduce the period of study time necessary to achieve your degree.


Course Leader and Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Senior Lecturer

Course Leader in Postgraduate Diploma District Nursing and Associate Professor