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Learning, Teaching and Assessment

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One year.

Study hours 400



This module will provide an opportunity for students to critically evaluate philosophical and theoretical perspectives relating to different approaches to learning, teaching and assessment in the curriculum. 

Students will develop a critical awareness of the use of developing digital technologies within education and how these innovations shape healthcare education within the 21st century.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment is offered as a taught module or through distance learning:

Dates of Attendance: Semester one







24/11/17 (tutorial day)

Dates of attendance: Semester 2







Session Times: 09:30am - 15:30pm

Please note it is your responsibility to check module dates prior to commencing your studies. The correct dates can be found by following the relevant module page. 

Should you require any academic advice about this module please contact the Course Leader/Module Leader:

Nickey Rooke

01473 338636

Course modules

The aims of this module are:

  • To examine the philosophy of education, and to relate this to learning, teaching, assessment and curricula.
  • To critically evaluate processes and methods used for learning and teaching in the curriculum and appraise the most effective approaches to meet learners' needs.
  • To examine the principles, complexities and ethical issues that surround learning, teaching and assessment.
  • To stimulate debate on issues of quality related to healthcare curricula in both the higher education and practice context.
  • To review the impact of digital technologies within learning, teaching and assessment across a range of settings.


Formative Assessment Criteria

Students will be required to:

  • Outline the medium selected for the presentation.
  • Present a plan that outlines how assessment criteria 1 and 2 will be addressed within the presentation.

Formative Assessment (Submission End of Semester 1) 

Students are required to submit a 500 word assignment plan (submission after week 6).

Summative Assessment Criteria

Part 1

Students will be required to:

  • Explore the key stakeholders in education within their area of practice. (Presentation).
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the impact of social, political and professional drivers on educational partnerships. (Presentation).
  • Debate how educational partnerships can be fostered and actioned with the student's area of practice. (Written Assignment).
  • Critically analyse the impact of engagement strategies on the overall learner experience. (Written Assignment).
  • Present a focused and balanced argument demonstrating level 7 academic criteria. (Presentation and Written Assignment).
  • Evidence of wide reading and critical appraisal of the literature to inform the debate and discussion presented. (Presentation and Written Assignment).

Summative Assessment  (Submission End of Semester 2) 

In regards to developing educational partnerships:

1. An individual 20 minute presentation including 5 minutes for questions proposing a strategy to develop collaborative and effective stakeholder engagement within the student's area of practice. (Presentation on line for distance learners). Weighting 25%

2. A 3000 word written narrative critically analysing how the proposed strategy could be implemented and it's ultimately impact on the overall learner experience. Weighting 75%  

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