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Holistic Assessment of Adults in Specific Care Settings

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One semester.


What are the aims of the module?

  • To provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate motivation and commitment to the development of the holistic assessment processes of adult patients/clients in a specific practice setting.
  • To engage in comprehensive enquiry with identified aspects of holistic assessment of individual’s.
  • To extend opportunities for critical self-evaluation.
  • To achieve specified holistic assessment competencies in the work place.

Dates of attendance: Semester two







Session Times: 09:00am - 16:00pm

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Should you require any academic advice about this module please contact the Course Leader/Module Leader:

Mark Ranson

01473 338529

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What will I study?

There will be an emphasis on practitioners identifying learning content based on their personal development plan, specific to the holistic assessment needs of their particular adult patient/client group.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment consists of the compilation of a portfolio of evidence including documentation and assessment of actual holistic assessments carried out, an Objective Structured Clinical Examination and a critical self-evaluation.

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Course Leader and Senior Lecturer