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Foundations in Primary and Community Nursing

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One semester.


Nurses play a vital role in the delivery of primary care.  The increasing shift from hospital to care closer to home creates a growing challenge for primary care providers to employ nurses with the right skill sets.  The Five Year Forward view (NHS England, Care Quality Commission, Health Education England, Monitor, Public Health England, Trust Development Authority 2014) recognises these challenges and outlines potential solutions, defining the framework for workforce planning and development relevant to the community setting. Therefore in alignment with this agenda, this module offers qualified nurses an introduction to the key elements of primary and community nursing. It is particularly aimed at nurses who are transitioning to the community or practice nurse settings.

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Sessions commence at 09.30am and finish at 16.30am

Please note it is your responsibility to check module dates prior to commencing your studies. The correct dates can be found by following the relevant module page.

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Lois Seddon

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Assessment:  Part A - Practice portfolio

Completion of 100% of the identified skills at the level of 'competence'

Assessment:  Part B - Case study

Students are required to critically analyse a case study from practice.  this should offer an in depth illustration of a patient/client you are involved with as a Community or Practice Nurse.

The themes within the course learning outcomes should be incorporated into the work to demonstrate the integration of practice and theory with the appropriate critical analysis for the level of study.  (Word limit 3000)

Course modules

The module aims to assist the practitioner to:

  • promote safe, consistent and high quality patient care to assist the transition in to primary and community nursing
  • provide the student with the opportunity to evaluate their own behaviours and personal qualities in relation to effective leadership
  • enable students to develop personal effectiveness in primary and community nursing
On successful completion of the module the student will be able to:
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the social political and economic factors that affect the way in which nursing care in primary and community is organised and delivered
  • compare and contrast the professional, ethical and legal issues relevant to nursing practice in primary and community nursing
  • demonstrate competence in the skills required to deliver evidence based effective primary and community nursing services, within a multidisciplinary environment of care
  • critically analyse strategies for the development of self as an autonomous practitioner and team member of the primary and community care team

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