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Dental Radiography for Dental Practitioners

Institution code: 

One semester.

Study hours 12 x 3 hour teaching sessions.

Typical Offer: 

See Entry Requirements below.


The module is delivered at the Ipswich Campus. Practical experience is chiefly undertaken in your own workplace and requires the co-operation of your employer and supervision by the General Dental Practitioner.

This course has been designed specifically for General Dental Practitioners, Dental Nurses, Dental Hygienists and Radiographers who want to extend their role in the dental practice by undertaking dental radiography, and is a 20 credit, certificate level module. Due to the practical component of the course it is not suitable for the unemployed. Some students undertake the module fairly soon after qualifying, others have several years of experience in one or more dental practices.

This module is not available in Academic Year 2017/18.

Should you require any academic advice about this module please contact the Module Leaders:

JA - Jerome Atutornu - Lecturer and Programme Leader:

RS - Dr Ruth Strudwick - Associate Professor:

CH - Dr Chris Hayre - Lecturer:

CC - Chis Cobb - Lecturer:

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Course modules


The module is theoretical and practical which should enable you, the Dental practitioner, to achieve a level of competency in dental radiography that you may safely, efficiently and effectively undertake routine dental radiography. You will be adequately trained to work as an ‘operator’ as required under the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations IR(ME)R 2000 (an ‘operator’ is defined as any person carrying out any practical aspect of the exposure). The module consists of 12 study sessions, spread over the first semester (September – January). Employers may sponsor the student’s attendance. Students often form their own support networks, which continue after completion of the module.

The content of the module includes all elements of the approved curriculum in Dental Radiography and Radiology, which was approved by the Council of the British Society of Dental MaxilloFacial Radiology (BSDMFR) in Sept 2004. This curriculum was designed to ensure compliance with Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000.

Summative Assesment

The portfolio of experience in taking dental radiographs must be completed. It consists of:

  • Log sheets to record examinations to demonstrate competence.
  • Case studies of patients undergoing dental radiography.

The written exam takes place at the end of the module in January. It consists of short and long answer questions and is 1 hour in length.

Full downloadable information regarding all University of Suffolk courses, including Key Facts, Course Aims, Course Structure and Assessment, is available in the Definitive Course Record.

Entry requirements

  • A professional qualification as either a General Dental Practitioner, Dental Nurse, Dental Hygienist, Assistant Practitioner or Radiographer - this ensures the applicant has the appropriate pre-requisite knowledge.
  • Confirmation from the employer that he/she is willing to supervise the applicant undertaking dental radiography in the workplace.