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The Role and Skills of Workplace Mentoring

Short Course

Bespoke CPD

We work with organisations and businesses to create bespoke training courses 

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Two workshops – each of 2 hours duration


Ongoing workplace learning and development is crucial for organisations who want to develop and thrive in today’s marketplace. Employees will benefit from the support of workplace mentors and will be more able to apply their learning because they are being encouraged and assisted on an ongoing basis. In turn this will improve performance at an individual, team and organisational level.

The workshops will be provided online. They will be interactive with a range of activities to ensure that participants are engaged in the learning process. Participants will be encouraged to share their ideas and experiences using the tools offered within the virtual learning platform(s) used. Participants will be encouraged at the end of the work workshop to create personal action plans for applying their learning back in the workplace. In order to maximise the use of the time available, participants will be asked to complete some pre-workshop reading on the topics to be covered.

What will be covered in the workshop:

  • What is a mentor? What do they know and what do they do?
  • Using tools and techniques to support:
    • Definition of expectations and standards
    • Workload allocation
    • Measurement of success
    • Ongoing and continuous learning
  • Using a structured conversation to support relationship-building and learning during the mentoring process
    • Stages in a mentor-mentee conversation
    • Using powerful questions to support learning
    • Using listening skills to support learning
    • Using feedback skills to support learning
  • Managing challenging situations and conversations
  • Identifying personal learning from the workshop and action planning for implementation


Business Development Manager (CPD)