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BSc (Hons) Specialist Practitioner – District Nursing


This programme is underpinned by three core values:

  • The delivery of patient and family centred care.

  • Student centred learning.

  • Practice focused development.

Further contributory values include collaboration, partnership, professional expertise and innovation. These values shape and inform both the theory and practice to ensure that high quality care is delivered to a rapidly changing and diverse primary care environment. 

Practitioners who undertake this programme will be highly motivated practitioners who demonstrate a strong commitment to developing District Nursing practice based on the integration of critically appraised evidence with professional expertise. It is expected that students will have a wealth of previous experience which will be utilised, challenged and built upon. The programme embraces a facilitative approach to learning, coordinated to support the practice element at the centre of the programme 


Course Leader in Postgraduate Diploma District Nursing and Associate Professor