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Affirming trans and queer identities through language

Bespoke CPD

We work with organisations and businesses to create bespoke training courses, a recent example of this is our 'Return to Social Work' course, developed in partnership with Suffolk County Council.  We have great training facilities on site and if you would like to discuss your training requirements please contact us.


A 3-hour workshop delivered on campus at the University of Suffolk 

Next date: TBC

In the past decade, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning, non-binary, asexual, intersex, two-spirit, and queer (LGBTQ+ or queer) identities and expressions have gained a great deal of attention in academia, traditional and social media, and in political discourse.  

It is estimated that the number of people identifying within these sexual and gender categories is increasing, bringing with it a great deal of diversity, especially around linguistics. The language surrounding queer identities and expressions is rapidly evolving to account for this diversity (e.g., they/them pronouns, neopronouns, emerging identity labels such as demisexual, agender, and sapiosexual, etc.). However, many systems and organisations have not yet adapted to these changes, which creates structural challenges for queer people whose identities and lived experiences are not yet fully recognised and thus erased. 


Business Development Manager for Crime and Social Justice, Culture and Heritage