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YouTube Study Influencers you should follow!


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Like all social media platforms YouTube can provide hours of entertainment but it can also prove to be quite a distraction particularly whilst studying! However that doesn’t have to be the case as YouTube today is a super diverse platform with all kinds of creators making useful and motivational videos for students so that you utilise your time on the platform as effectively as possible. So today I am sharing with you some YouTube Study Influencers that you should be watching to switch up your feed and make use of your time on social media!

  1. Ruby Granger

Ruby is a student studying English Literature at the University of Exeter and through her platform she aims to share her love of studying and motivate other students with studying tips and motivation. She is a vintage enthusiast and an advocate for being yourself and her joy for learning is visible through every video she creates.

  1. Jack Edwards

Jack is an English Literature Graduate from Durham University and is currently living in London and showcasing his experiences applying for jobs during a global pandemic. Jack has an extensive study-based back catalogue but his newfound free time is spent analysing literary references in his favourite music providing an insightful and educational exploration into literature through time and its cultural impact today.

  1. Ali Abdaal

Ali is a Medicine Graduate from Cambridge University who is now working as a junior doctor for the NHS. Like Jack his back catalogue features videos all about his life as a medical student but he currently makes videos documenting his experiences as a junior doctor. Alongside this he posts motivational videos about life and discusses bigger questions like ‘Can Money Buy Happiness’ encouraging viewers to look at life beyond the surface level.

  1. Vee Kativhu

Vee is an Oxford graduate who is currently studying for a masters at Harvard University who makes videos documenting her student experience alongside motivational study tips. Her honest vlogs are relatable to students worldwide and have gained her an audience of over 190,000 viewers.

  1. Tolu Duckworth

Tolu is a medicine student at the University of Oxford who shares content about her experience studying at Oxford. She also hosts live study with me sessions encouraging students to come together and learn. Her honest videos about attending university whilst being in lockdown reflect her personal approach to her videos and her audience.   

  1. UnJaded Jade

Jade is a student studying at Minerva University, a unique online university programme taken by students worldwide allowing Jade to complete her degree in different locations across the world. Recently she has been studying in Berlin and her uplifting and inspirational videos encourage students to love themselves and embrace every challenge that life throws at them.

  1. Eve Cornwell

Eve is a law graduate from Bristol University who is currently a trainee lawyer in London. Eve is a StudyTube veteran starting her channel in 2013 and she uses her channel today to document her life becoming a lawyer but also discussing topical issues in an informative and opinion based manner encouraging her viewers to engage and debate with the media and make their voices heard.

  1. ThisisMani

Mani is a Computer Science and Philosophy Graduate from the University of Oxford whose back catalogue of videos features all about his time at university. Since graduating Mani has been continuing to post motivational videos about life as whole and tips for applying to university for future students to follow.

  1. Eve Bennett

Eve Bennett is a languages student from the University of Oxford who is currently on a gap year and navigating her way through gaining language experience during a global pandemic. She also creates chatty videos answering honest questions about her life so that her viewers know the highs and lows of being a student.

  1. Bonus – The StudyTube Project

Set up during the first lockdown in March 2020 The Study Tube project combines all of these amazing YouTubers and more for educational content combining their subjects and interests, helping those to continue to learn whilst educational establishments are shut. I would especially recommend looking back through these videos right now for a welcome distraction from the current local restrictions.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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