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Your Students' Union

Your SU is here to support you. The SU exists to ensure that you have a voice and an influence within the university.  Empowering and enabling you to pioneer change in every aspect of the student experience both on line and face to face, we are proud of our dialogue with the university as we navigate change together. 

We're a charity led by your elected Student Officers and we want to make sure that we give you the knowledge to shape, mould and develop your experience at the University of Suffolk. We deliver your sports, societies, events and much more whilst you work hard and play harder at University. We're funded largely by the University however; we are an independent organisation and we are ‘on your side.’ SU Advice is a free, confidential service to help and guide you through your student experience.

Check out our social media and our website at to see more in depth what we’re about. We can’t wait for you to join the University of Suffolk!

We are your Students’ Union. 


This short guide to how we work will blow your mind. 

Your President and Vice President are elected by the Student Body, you, to manage the direction and day to day running of the SU. We are here to facilitate the change that you ask for. SU Course Reps collect feedback, enabling your voice to be heard and your ideas and feedback discussed at meetings with senior staff from the University. School Officers make sure students from every school are represented at Student Council and School Officer Forum. The SU also has dedicated Liberation Officers that represent minority groups ensuring the inclusion of everyone’s voice. 

Student Council is your body of students who debate and put forward motions within the overall goal to improve campus life. They might be big or small, but all are equally important! Each motion is tracked and acted on by your elected Officers. They will lobby the University if required to make necessary change and voila. The Officers also report everything they do to Student Council, providing this falls within the boundaries of the Rule Book set by Council itself! The rule book is our golden book to make sure we run elections and effect change fairly and efficiently. Intrigued? Find out more information by checking out Shape your SU or speak to your lovely, newly elected, Course Rep.  

Next to representing the academic voice of the student body the SU also plays a pivotal role in developing student facilities on campus and online. In 2019 we launched the new Social Space and ShopSU as well as developing online exercise classes and the annual Student Awards. 

Joining a society is one of the many ways you can get involved in activities outside of your studies. There is a thriving social scene at the university which is a great way to do the things you love doing and make friends on campus and online. The SU offers a range of sports from competitive matches with other universities to exercise classes like yoga and Zumba. 

If you don’t see a society that you like; you have the power to set one up. All you need is 3 people. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, you can do it with us. The SU is our community of students , embracing change, sharing ideas and making new things happen.

We host lots of inclusive events throughout the year catering for every taste and held on campus or online. These have included BBQs, bar crawls, afternoon tea, comedy nights and go karting. Every year, based on your feedback, we introduce more opportunities for students to get together.


Shape, Develop, Lead

We are passionate about inspiring our students to achieve their potential (and more!) every single day. We want to make sure that you have the resources and knowledge to shape your SU into the best it can be. This section is about how you can create change at your SU. Not only that, but you can see what your Elected Officers are working on and keep up to date with the progress of their campaigns. This section will also update you on Student Council information and the opportunities for you to get involved in the future.
Click ‘Shape your SU


Freshers isn't just for first years - it is for everyone! 

Save the dates - 21st September - 4th October 2020 for your Freshers Fortnight! We have planned a variety of activities including entertainment, ways to keep active, well-being and creative challenges. We are also planning to re-open SHOP SU where you will be able to find hot drinks, meal deals, clothing and stationery in our Ipswich campus.