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Your Students' Union

To put it simply, we believe that every student at the University of Suffolk should have an awesome experience. We're a charity led by your elected Student Officers and we want to make sure that we give you the knowledge to shape, mould and develop your experience at the University of Suffolk. We deliver your sports, societies, events and much more whilst you work hard and play harder at University. We're funded largely by the University however; we are an independent organisation and we are ‘on your side.’ Join us on our journey to build the best SU run by students for students. 

This is your SU and you own it. 


This short guide to how we work will blow your mind. 

You elect your Student Officers to fight, campaign and improve your university experience. You also elect Course representatives each year who sit on Student Council. Course reps hold the elected officers accountable and make sure everything is on track. 

Student Council is your body of students who debate and put forward motions within the overall goal to improve campus life. They might be big or small, but all are equally important! Each motion is tracked and acted on by your elected Officers. They will lobby the University if required to make necessary change and voila. The Officers also report everything they do to Student Council, providing this falls within the boundaries of the Rule Book set by Council itself! The rule book is our golden book to make sure we run elections and effect change fairly and efficiently. Intrigued? Find out more information by checking out Shape your SU or speak to your lovely, newly elected, Course Rep.  


Free and easy to access, do not waste your University Experience.

Welcome to the home of your SU Membership. No need to sign up, or do anything - when you enrolled as a student here, you automatically became a member, hurrah!
As your SU we run some incredible services for you to get involved in.

Click the membership button to find out more info on Societies, Sports, Events and, should you need it, Advice!


100% on your side, your officers campaign with and for you

Your Campaigns are at the heart of what your SU does. Led by your elected Officers, you give them the ability to campaign and fight on your behalf within the University, in the surrounding area and also nationally

To find out more about each campaign or to sign up for monthly updates from your Officers, progress click ‘Your Campaigns


Shape, Develop, Lead

We are passionate about inspiring our students to achieve their potential (and more!) every single day. We want to make sure that you have the resources and knowledge to shape your SU into the best it can be. This section is about how you can create change at your SU. Not only that, but you can see what your Elected Officers are working on and keep up to date with the progress of their campaigns. This section will also update you on Student Council information and the opportunities for you to get involved in the future.
Click ‘Shape your SU