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Your Gifts Supporting Change

Gifts to the university serve to form a major part of our future, allowing us to expand our activity beyond our current means and engage our communities in different and interesting ways. 

Since 2016 the university has been raising funds through generous donations from our friend, staff and supporters.  Staff and students are invited to apply on an annual basis and all funds are disbursed by our Foundation Board in accordance with and in support of the values and principles of the institution.  The projects have varied in size but have all had a significant impact on both staff and students alike.  The wide variety of initiatives we have supported have enabled us to focus on enhancing the student experience and provided us with a means to actively respond to the needs of all.

If you would like to support the next round of disbursements or have a project you are specifically interested in, contact the Alumni Relations and Development Team on 01473 338000 or

We operate in accordance with our Ethical Code of Fundraising Practice and Fundraising Policy.

The University of Suffolk Foundation Board oversees, champions and supports the philanthropic endeavours of the university. 

The impact your gifts can have

Disbursement of funds 2016

Projects supported in our first disbursement round in 2016

Student Boost 

Random Acts of Kindness to increase the health, happiness and wellbeing of students – Students’ Union 

Refurbishment of the Students’ Union Advice Centre 

Improve the environment for students

Toolkit to encourage student engagement with creative problem solving 

Purchase of kit for Learning Services

Unlocking, Enabling, Regenerating,: University of Suffolk as the Regional Regenerative Medicine Spotlight 

Support for resources in this area – Faculty of Health and Science

Interior Architecture and Design in IE Free Range 

Support for student led activity – Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Sciences

Student Placement Scheme 

To pilot a scheme providing work experience opportunities for students with learning differences within the University – Student Services

Netball Kit 

New kit for the University team

Entrepreneur Development Programme

Joint project between the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre (IWIC) and Careers to support the development of student led businesses and ambassadors for the Innovation Centre

Environmental Improvements to Campus North

Provide seating and a common area for social use beneath the Library Building – Estates

Students' Union Minibus 

Supporting the Students' Union to acquire a minibus for their use and others from the University

    Disbursement of funds 2017

    Following the success of the Founding Supporter campaign which ran throughout the 2016/17 academic year, the University of Suffolk raised over £80,000 in philanthropic gifts and, in October 2017, were able to launch the second disbursement process.  The University opened applications for projects to support staff and students, with applications received totalling over £300,000 in requests.

    The University was able to support 18 projects, 10 more than it was able to help in the first disbursement round in November 2016. The judging panel are delighted to have supported a broad range of areas and initiatives that all offer potential to make a big impact on student experience, academic research and sustainability.

    3D printed textiles

    Combining textile and 3D printed elements to create couture fashion items. This project will be based at the University of Suffolk at East Coast College (Lowestoft). 

    Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT) equipment

    Used to demonstrate normal and complicated births such as breech or shoulder dystocia

    Supported Student Placement Scheme

    Providing work experience to University of Suffolk students who are currently experiencing limited opportunities

    PROMPT Train the Trainer 

    Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training is a training package for health professionals to develop knowledge, clinical skills and team working in obstetric emergencies

    3D Printing Recycling and Sustainability Initiative

    The purchase of four machines required to process raw recyclable plastic into plastic ready to be used again for 3D printing 

    Suffolk Frontrunners

    3 internships will be offered to University of Suffolk students to enhance their skills and employability. Experience will be offered in various departments.

    SU Societies (Membership Accelerator)

    To encourage innovation and inspire students to join a new society

    Student Boost (Placement Survival Bags)

    Providing helpful items to increase the happiness and wellbeing of our students during their placements

    Accommodation Reps

    To promote Student Union events and services in their accommodation and enhance student experience and wellbeing.

    Film Society

    Improve knowledge of running a successful society and the organisation of bigger and better events

    Neurofeedback for supporting students with learning difficulties

    To trial out and research the effects of two types of neurofeedback in groups of students already diagnosed with dyslexia aiming to support their learning, concentration, attention and overall wellness.

    Growing, Progressing, and Raising the Bar: the University of Suffolk as the Regional Regenerative Medicine Spotlight

    Subsidise research, community engagement and to continue to boost female participation in this subject area

    Research Blog – Facilitating Reflective and Passionate Encounters with Research

    Encourages debate, the sharing of knowledge and good practice, and highlighting the latest research at University of Suffolk

    Supporting our Future Entrepreneurs & Innovators

    Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre (IWIC) membership for two entrepreneurial students or recent graduates.  A springboard to develop and operate their business on a part-time basis with professional support. 

    Suffolk Bike Pump

    Encouraging a sustainable mode of transport

    Work experience bursary scheme

    To financially support students undertaking work experience

    Renovation of area outside Arts Building

    Provide an area to promote wellbeing for students and staff

    Sponsorship of student athletes

    Supporting excellence in sport 

    Disbursement of funds 2018

    The following projects, applied for by staff and students were successful in receiving funding in 2018/19.  

    Mock Court Equipment

    Providing gowns and lecterns to develop Mock Court scenarios and experiences for our students

    Sports Scholarships

    Disseminated by the SU to exceptional students

    Random Acts of Kindness

    The SU will provide several offerings to students over the year to help with exam stress and anxiety

    Regenerative Medicine Research

    Continuing research in this fascinating area

    Work Experience Bursary

    Making it easier for students to access work experience by helping with transport etc.

    Research Project

    Working with the department of Psychology and Education on the treatment of emotional disorders

    D1 Driving qualifications

    Qualifying 2 additional people to be able to drive the SU minibus

    Research project

    Working with the Department of Health Sciences to investigate the impact of air quality upon the health and exercise performance of exercisers

    Peregrine Falcon Project

    Enhancing the community engagement with nesting falcons on the Waterfront

    SU Women's Football Kit

    A brand new kit for the Women's Football Team

    Game Anglia

    Supporting the development of the Game Industry through purchasing equipment used to produce promotional interviews

    Enterprise Nation

    Supporting both students and alumni to access support in entrepreneurial activity. 

    Disbursement of funds 2019

    The 2019/20 disbursement round for the Foundation Board Annual Fund received a total of 34 applications, amounting to £106,233.02 in requests.   Just over £20,000 has been disbursed following the final decisions made by the Foundation Board panel.  13 projects have received awards from the Foundation Board Annual Fund this year:

    Work Experience Bursary

    The Work Experience Bursary is designed to enable students to access work experience opportunities that they may not otherwise have been able to access due to financial constraints

    Gals that Game

    The Suffolk Centre for Female Entrepreneurship will be hosting the second ‘Gals that Game’ event in April 2020.  The event will be an all-female games jam offering a friendly and supportive environment for those interested in exploring the field of game development.

    Usability Testing – Let’s get user friendly

    The Found Board will be funding essential equipment for this research project looking at assessing the impact digital technology use on the quality of life for vulnerable people within a health and social care setting

    Tech for Social Good

    A one day ‘Hackathon’ for students and alumni aiming to understand from the student/graduate perspective how technology can help improve their mental health.

    UoS Women’s Netball Team

    Provision of a match day kit for the University of Suffolk Women’s Netball Team

    Sports Scholarships

    Supporting students currently competing at a national or international level in their chosen sport

    LGBTQ+ society

    The design and development of an LGBTQ+ Banner and flag to promote the society across the university and to be used to celebrate Suffolk Pride

    Animal Assisted Therapy sessions

    Enabling more than 100 students to relieve their exam stress and keep motivated by spending time with a therapy pet

    Student Wellbeing Ambassadors

    A collaboration between the Student’s Union, student Services and SISER to deliver a co-produced research project assessing student perceptions of well-being, mental health and support services in higher education.  Students will be trained by Student Minds to deliver advice and support to students across the university.

    UoS Men’s Football Team

    Provision of new playing tops for the Men’s Football Team to represent the University across the country.

    Games Society

    To support the society to expand further with the development of a banner

    RAG Society

    Raising and Giving (RAG) is a nationwide student initiative which enables students to coordinate and host fundraising events.

    Random Acts of Kindness

    Helping students to manage and reduce exam stress by offering a series of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ at specific points throughout the year.


    A further £15,000, due to a generous anonymous donation, has been disbursed specifically to Learning and Teaching based projects:

    Growing Resilience: an Interventions Toolkit (GRIT) – Maureen Haaker and Dr Wendy Lecluyse
    GRIT will be a toolbox for staff and students based on a three-pronged approach targeting the teaching environment, the online environment and within the personal tutor system. The project will deliver a curriculum guide with activities, a resource area in the OLE Brightspace and enhanced guidance for structured personal tutorials.

    Persuasion: a tool for facilitating classroom discussion – Dr Will Thomas

    This project will develop a classroom game which facilitates engagement and discussion on topics relating to persuasion, power, motivation and influence. This tool will help to encourage productive debate of abstract and complex topics, supporting students in developing skills, confidence their academic voice.

    Extenuating / mitigating circumstance: student progression and student experience, lessons learned – Dr Cristian Dogaru and Graham Thirkettle

    This project will focus on the extenuating circumstances processes at the University and explore data to give insight into the impact they have on student progression, and academic success. This will support the development of timely interventions, reducing gaps in success and progression as identified in our Access and Participation Plan.

    Each of these projects has scope for impact at individual, course, school and whole-University level, and further our work and expertise in successful widening participation. These projects will be showcased at our summer Learning and Teaching Conference.

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