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Your Gifts Supporting Change

Gifts to the university serve to form a major part of our future, allowing us to expand our activity beyond our current means and engage our communities in different and interesting ways. 

Since 2016 the university has been raising funds through generous donations from our friend, staff and supporters.  Staff and students are invited to apply on an annual basis and all funds are disbursed by our panel of senior leaders and long term supporters in accordance with and in support of the values and principles of the institution.  The projects have varied in size but have all had a significant impact on both staff and students alike.  The wide variety of initiatives we have supported have enabled us to focus on enhancing the student experience and provided us with a means to actively respond to the needs of all.

If you would like to support the next round of disbursements or have a project you are specifically interested in, contact the Alumni Relations and Development Team on 01473 338000 or

The University of Suffolk is committed to working with donors and potential donors to understand their motivation and vision for the donations they make or intend to make to us.

We operate in accordance with our Code of Ethical Fundraising Practice and Fundraising Policy

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Our Fundraising Practices are to:

  • Be honest and truthful
  • Accurately describe the activities and the intended use of donated funds
  • Respect the dignity and privacy of individuals 
  • Ensure donor rights are respected
  • Comply with the law


Below are the list of projects support by the University of Suffolk Annual Fund

How to donate

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