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Your Gifts Supporting Change

Giving is not just about making a donation.  It's about making a difference.

Here we celebrate recent projects and initiatives, which have been made possible due to generous investment from our supporters and funders. 

  • The Digitech Centre at BT's Adastral Park, providing cutting-edge digital information and communications technology teaching and research
  • The new Health and Wellbeing Quarter, housing our Integrated Care Academy, the first of its kind in the country
  • Projects supporting and enhancing student wellbeing and mental health
  • Projects promoting and celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion within our University community and across the region


University Annual Fund

We have been gratefully receiving donations from our friends, staff and supporters since 2016. No matter the size of the gift, your generous support has continued to transform lives through the gift of education.  Staff and students are invited to apply on an annual basis for funding support, where their applications are considered by our panel of senior leaders and long term supporters in accordance with and in support of the values and principles of the institution. Unrestricted donations can be used where the need and impact is greatest, and the wide variety of initiatives we have supported have enabled us to focus on enhancing the student experience and provided us with a means to actively respond to the needs of all.

If you would like to support our annual fund giving programme or have a project you are specifically interested in, please do get in touch with the Alumni Relations and Development Team on 01473 338000 or


Below are the list of projects supported by the University of Suffolk Annual Fund

How to donate

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