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Your Gifts Supporting Change

Our philanthropic efforts will support our values and operating principles. Funds received are used to support and develop access to our courses and enhance the student experience, alongside making improvements to our facilities and resources that would not otherwise be funded.

Gifts will, unless specified by the donor(s), be directed to Where the Need is Greatest. This will allow us to make gifts across a broad spectrum of areas and impact the largest number of individuals and groups.

Whilst continuing to support projects across the whole institution, the Foundation Board has chosen six areas of special interest, and are particularly keen to talk with potential donors in relation to:

  1. Social Mobility and Raising Aspirations
  2. Encouraging and Supporting Under Represented Groups
  3. Removing hurdles and enabling progress with technology
  4. Helping Suffolk become more Dementia Aware
  5. Encouraging and Supporting Sustainability
  6. Student and Staff Initiated Projects

These philanthropic areas ensure we can use our gifts to make the most impact to our students, staff and the wider university community.

What impact can your gift make?

We have been delighted by the generosity and passion of our Founding Supporters during our inaugural fundraising campaign. As a result of this support, we have been able to complete two disbursement rounds in November 2016 and 2017, making grants to a number of innovative, exciting, important and interesting student and staff projects. 

Find out more about the projects supported in our November 2017 disbursement round.

Projects supported in our first disbursement round in 2016

Student Placement Scheme

"I feel the experience has led me to realise that everything is possible."   












The purpose of the scheme was to empower the students to help them improve their employability by gaining experience and offering an opportunity to reflect on their experience.  It was aimed at students who have had limited opportunities, or limited experience perhaps due to disabilities.  The successful students were given paid challenging employment opportunities which should help them to develop the skills they need to compete for jobs. 

 Find out more about this project 

The projects supported in 2016 were:


If you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose or to a specific group, please contact or call the Corporate Affairs Office on 01473 338737 to discuss your potential donation.