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Yogability is a Suffolk based yoga group run by couple Steve and Ellie since August 2022. Both undertook yoga training in Nepal taught by Nepali, Hindi and Tibetan Gurus. Typically, their classes cost £12 per session but to make their classes more accessible for students they are offering classes for £5! You can book classes through their website or reach out to them on Instagram if you have any questions.

I first started yoga when I was 18, so I have been doing yoga, with varying consistency for four years now, and in all this time I have never attended a class! This is not because I have lacked the desire, I have simply never had the funds! Most classes cost around £15 per hour, which is substantially more than a student like me can afford. But for only £5, I attended the brand new Funk’n’Flow class last Tuesday, here’s how it went.

Funk’n’Flow Review

For class, all you need to bring is a yoga mat, a water bottle and yourself!

As I entered, I was met with the smell of incense, tunes delivering on the Funk promise and low lighting that did wonders to conceal the marks on my several-years-old yoga mat. The large practice space meant there was plenty of room for us to spread out and practice without worrying about hitting anyone or anything around you.

The class started with some breath work to help you bring awareness to your body. Some of this included breathing through only one nostril at a time which was something I had not done before.

The bulk of the class is what you’d expect. All your yoga classics were in there; downward dog, three-legged dog, cat-cow, happy baby and so on. As someone who has done yoga before I found the class enjoyable, the music and lighting created a pleasant atmosphere that did not distract from the exercise. The demonstrations were clear and the instructor, Steve, made sure to check in with people so that we all knew what we were doing.

To finish off, class ended with a guided meditation which has recently become a favourite of mine. If you are not familiar, guided meditation is where someone leads your meditation, giving you prompts of what to visualise and focus on. After picturing myself in a natural landscape, I ended the class feeling relaxed.

Overall, Steve was a great instructor, and the routine gave my whole body a refreshing stretch after working on essays all day! I will definitely be attending Funk’n’Flow again!

Should you give Funk’n’Flow a go?

If you’re new to yoga I’d recommend one of the beginners classes offered instead of Funk’n’Flow because there were some poses that required core strength and balance that a beginner may not have.

I would recommend this class if you feel a little shy about doing yoga outside of the comfort of your home as the dim lighting offers a sense of privacy, the location is also tucked out of the way so there are no members of the public peering in as they pass by.

Make use of that student discount while you can!


Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

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