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Yiannis Gabriel Storytelling Conference 2018

Yiannis Gabriel is Professor of Organisational Theory at the University of Bath and Visiting Professor at Lund University.

Yiannis has been fascinated by stories and storytelling and has used them extensively in his organisational and social research. By eliciting, collecting, listening to and analysing stories, Yiannis has explored diverse phenomena such as leader-follower relations, experiences of job loss and unemployment, group politics, dynamics and fantasies, organizational nostalgia, insults and apologies. Yiannis has also recently carried out research into the experiences of unemployed managers and professionals in the current economic recession. As a committed teacher, he has written a number of textbooks, and carried out research into the experiences of students in the classroom, and has explored the nature of management and professional knowledge and its dissemination. 

Current research includes work on the importance of an ethic of care in health and education, the dark side of certain organisations captured in the concept of miasma, the relation between image and narrative and the exploration of the ways in which clinicians defend themselves against work-related anxieties.

Yiannis' most recent book is Return to Meaning: A social science with something to say (OUP, 2017) which reflects his concern about the dysfunctional consequences of the academic publishing game.

He maintains an active blog at