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7 March 2019 is World Book Day. I’m sure we all remember World Book Day in school, and some of you might have kids who still dress up each year as their favourite book characters. We might have grown out of dressing up or writing a 100 word review of our favourite book, but many of us still enjoy reading (not our academic books, of course!).

For World Book Day, I've put together a few random facts about reading, books, and Suffolk.

Authors from Suffolk

George Orwell took his last name from the famous river that flows through Suffolk. Southwold was his home from 1932-1939.

J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter was also born in Suffolk (according to the film), and Anthony Horowitz lives in the area. There’s plenty of inspiration around Suffolk if you’re into writing yourself.

Best reading spots in Suffolk

Around Ipswich, we have so many beautiful parks and gardens to enjoy a book at. Holywells, Christchurch Park, and Landseer Park are just a few. You can also sit along the Waterfront, or in a café overlooking the boats and get really into a new book. If you feel like going a bit further, Woodbridge, Dedham, and Flatford are all unique villages in Suffolk that are perfect reading spots.

Bookshops in Suffolk

We have all the high street bookshops in Suffolk including Waterstones and W.H.Smith. But there’s also lots of independent bookshops around Suffolk, such as Browsers Bookshop in Woodbridge and the Aldeburgh Bookshop. Many of these sell the same books as the high street chains, but also have their own unique character.


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