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Why you should get involved in student life



Hopefully now that we’re into Semester 2, you’re settled in and fairly used to the routine of uni life (don’t we all love 9am lectures!). So now that you’ve learnt how to cook and do your own washing, maybe it’s time to get involved in the University? Even if you’re in your second or third year, it’s not too late to join a society, sports group, or represent something you believe in with our Students' Union. Maybe you think that it’s not worth your time, but these can all provide you with some amazing opportunities.

1. Make new friends

It sounds a bit cliché, but it’s really great to meet people who are of the same mind as you. You can meet people from different courses who you might not have met otherwise and you’ll be able to expand your horizons. If you join something that represents what you believe in, it can give you a great sense of achievement that you’ll be able to share with your new friends.

2. Find a new hobby

OK, so maybe you’re not really the sporty type. But it’s a great way to keep healthy, fight off stress, and even have fun (who would ever think that was possible!). Maybe you don’t want to get directly involved in a team, but did you know that the University has loads of fitness classes each week for you to get involved in thanks to Most Active Students. There’s a huge variety; basketball, Zumba, self-defence, just to name a few. Make sure you check out the whole list; it’s only £1 a session! You might find you get a new lifetime hobby.

3. Think about the future

Getting involved in your university is a great point to put on you CV, especially getting involved in representation groups. These show a real commitment to your beliefs, and are definitely something that employers are looking for. You can even represent your course at Student Council Meetings and Course Committee meetings as a Course Rep!

4. Take your mind off stress

Getting involved in something other than your course will take your mind off things for a couple of hours a week and relieve you of some stress connected with uni life. Sport is probably the best for this, but the other groups you can get involved in can do the same.

University is one of the best times in your life, and a great opportunity to make friends and connections. So it’s definitely worth getting involved with something and making sure you enjoy your time at uni!


i don't like any of these suggestions!

Hi Joe, feel free to comment with some suggestions of your own :-)

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