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Why it's okay not to have a plan



As a third-year university student, I get asked a lot about my plans after university. Whenever anyone asks, "so what have you got lined up for when you finish?", "do you know what you want to do?",  I don't even try to justify it with an 'I've got it all planned out' answer anymore - it's simply, "I don't know".

When people first started asking me these questions, I would fill with so much fear and panic. I would put so much pressure on myself to figure out my 'plan' to the point where I felt like a failure and like I wasn’t doing enough because for some reason I couldn’t (and still can’t) come up with one. It’s also very easy to compare yourself to others who do know what they are doing after university or have a clear idea of what they would like to do at least.

Though, I came to the realisation that it was absurd for me to be stressing myself out so much over not having a set-in-stone plan. I decided to stop telling myself that I have to have it all planned out that it was OK to not have a plan.

There is so much pressure on us as individuals from such a young age to know what we want, whether that be choosing our subjects in high school, leaving high school and deciding whether you want to go to college, choosing a course at college, deciding if you want to go to university, etc. 

One thing I have learnt is that you don't need to put pressure on yourself and have everything planned out. Instead, take time to figure out what you want, experiment, volunteer, and set goals to work towards. If you do have a plan, good for you! But from one student to all the other people without a plan, please do not worry. 


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