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Why I love winter



Winter may not be my favourite season (it’s far too cold!), but I love it anyway. It comes with it’s own joys and has a way of bringing people together that no other season can do. Here’s my top reasons for loving winter.


Family time

My siblings and I are spread out across the UK and in other countries, so Christmas is the one time in the year that we can be together. Of course, we can’t always be together at the same time when they have in-laws to visit or have to work over the holidays. But I know that there will always be a Skype call and parcels coming in the post from my loved ones.

Being three hours away from my family, I get to spend a lovely couple of weeks with my parents and I’m always able to take the time to visit my grandparents (who always proceed to tell me I need fattening up!).

My favourite clothes

Winter is the time I can dig out all my big jumpers and scarves and make the walk to and from uni as cosy as possible. There’s a winter feeling about going out in the cold air with a travel mug of coffee and a thick coat. I absolutely love it!

Lights, food and drinks

Christmas lights are what really get me in the mood for Christmas. When they start going up in town and on people’s houses, there’s a real festive feeling in the air.

I also love all the festive food and Christmas drinks that the coffee shops start serving.

Ice skating and snowball fights

I have to go ice skating at least once over the winter period. I know that that’s guaranteed, whereas having a bit of snow is really unusual for us in the south. However, if we do get snow, I’m straight out there starting a snowball fight with my friends and siblings.


Every shop, café and even the University has Christmas decorations up which add to the feeling of festivity. I love seeing how much effort people go in to make sure everyone enjoys the Christmas period. Unfortunately, they all go down after the new year, leaving me in a bit of January slump. Hopefully we’ll get some snow to get me loving winter once again!


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

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