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Why I chose the University of Suffolk



So it is getting to the time of year where people are finalising their uni choices for September. This can be a difficult decision with lots of factors involved but when it came to my decision, the choice was clear. There were several reasons why I picked the University of Suffolk and I am going to share them with you today, in case you were stuck deciding about whether you want to join us or not (although hopefully you do!)


Unlike most universities that I visited, the University of Suffolk has a town-based campus in that it is located in the centre of Ipswich. This is ideal for me as I live at home so it is therefore very easy to get to. Whether you are local or new to the area, the prime location of the uni makes it stand out to others which are more campus-based and can be out of the local town.

There is also the added bonus of it being located on the waterfront, which has beautiful views and lots of small independent cafes and restaurants located along it – perfect for university lunch breaks!


An obviously important factor is the course! Personally I was interested in the course specification as it had a wide range of texts to study and a wide selection of modules. It is important to bear in mind when looking at modules that first year can be mostly made up of compulsory modules meaning there is smaller range of choices, however this is different in years 2 and 3 which are made up of lots of independent work and free choices.


Another factor to look into is the different lecturers the course has. By meeting lecturers on open days, you can find out what areas of the course they teach and if their interests are similar to yours. It is also important to see if they are passionate for the subject as this can really show through in lectures!

Another resource that I found useful for this is the University website which has a bio for each lecturer for your course. This can be useful to browse before open days or before you begin in September.


A slightly less important factor but interesting nonetheless is what your future timetable would look like. This can be found out by talking to higher level students or even lecturers on open days. It can be interesting to know how many teaching hours are required per module in comparison to independent study as some students might learn better in lectures as opposed to independently.

Personally I only have 12 teaching hours a week but this works better for me as I prefer studying independently in the library or at home.


Depending on what degree you choose this can have varying levels of importance. If you are studying for a science or medical degree, then it is important to have a wide range of equipment, however this is not as important for my English degree. That being said it was important for me to feel comfortable in the facilities that were offered and I liked the smaller rooms for seminars as the teaching feels more personal.

Another great facility at the University is the library, which has a wide range of areas to study in and lots of texts for assignments big and small.

So those are a few reasons why I chose the University of Suffolk. If you are still deciding on your university then I hope this post helped and I hope to see you in September around the uni! Thank you for reading :)

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