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What to take home at Christmas


Airport luggage

Back in first year, I took the train back to Brighton for Christmas which is two trains and the Tube through London. It only takes about three hours, but it can involve a lot of walking through stations at busy times like rush hour. So you can imagine my difficulty dragging a heavy suitcase with busy commuters rushing past me as I realised I had probably over packed for my three weeks at home. I never realised how many stairs there were in London tube stations, and I really felt sorry for those with disabilities who can’t manage without lifts.

To save you some hassle when you go home, here’s some of my tips for what to take home at Christmas.

Christmas presents

My advice: do all your shopping online. Ever since my first year, I’ve had all my presents for everyone sent to my parents house ready for when I get home. You don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged on the train either. Your other option is to wait until you get home and do some last minute shopping in your hometown.


If you’re going home for three weeks, you don’t need to bring three weeks’ worth of clothes with you. There’s still a washing machine at home, and you can even prove to your parents you’re grown up by doing it yourself! You’ll save yourself having to pay for the washing when you get back!


If you have exams when you come back in January, you’ll need to take some time to study over the holidays. Bring your laptop with your notes for revising. Try to bring as little as you can in the form of books (they’ll really weigh you down) and see if you can use as many e-books as you can from the online library. You’ll find it a whole lot easier!


Image by Stela Di from Pixabay 

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