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What to pack for university



It’s getting close! You might be thinking about what to pack for your new life at uni. You still have plenty of time to start getting ready - see my top tips below to help you with your packing!

What to pack

Of course, you have the obvious ones, like your clothes and shoes (though I promise you don’t need your whole wardrobe! Unless you won't be going home throughout the year). My top tip would be to only bring your autumn/winter clothes when you start in October. Then swap them over for your summer clothes during the Easter break.

Something that a lot of people forget is important documents. Some kind of ID (especially if you’re planning on getting a job), acceptance letters, and Student Finance documents are all essential!

Mini things are all too easy to forget, such as an extension lead and chargers. Your university accommodation will usually be generous with plug sockets, but you might find it’s not enough for your many devices.

You'll also need bedding and duvet covers etc as these aren't usually provided. Treat yourself to some bright, patterned bed sets to brighten up your new room! 

Pictures and photo frames of your loved ones back home can help to make your room feel homely and can be a great conversation starter with your flatmates. 

What not to pack!

Things that are not necessary for you to pack, or you can get when you’re at uni, are things like kettles and toasters. If you’re in a shared kitchen, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up with six kettles (not ideal!). If no one has brought one, it’s always better to all chip in for one, that way it will be cheaper too.

You also don’t need your entire stationary set! A lot of university work is done online, so a couple of pens, a notepad, and a few highlighters will probably do. That said, you’ll get a lifetime supply of pens at Fresher’s Fair anyway.

Some things are difficult to part with, but you don’t need your entire DVD collection! If you’ve got something like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you’ll be sorted for the year. And anyway, during your first few weeks you will find you'll be socialising and making friends rather than watching movies!


It’s not the end of the world if you forget something for uni, there are always opportunities to pick up whatever you need when you’ve arrived. Ipswich has a good town with a lot of popular brands and smaller independent shops, so you'll be able to get everything you need. 

Moving out and going to university is such an exciting and fun time! You’ll learn how to be independent, budget, and other life skills like how to cook a proper meal.

Take a look at my blogs on tips for food shopping and settling in.

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