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What to pack

If possible, we recommend limiting your luggage to two suitcases. Not only is it difficult to carry more but the National Express coaches from the airports to Ipswich have restrictions on the amount of luggage they allow. When thinking about what to pack, you should consider the following: 

Pack lots of layers and warm clothes! Weather is very changeable in the UK so it’s good to have a variety of clothing suitable for all weather. There is no formal dress code at University of Suffolk, most students dress informally, for example in jeans, trousers, or a skirt with a jumper or T-shirt.

Pack some personal belongings (such as photographs, postcards and ornaments) to make your accommodation feel more familiar.

If you're bringing electrical appliances remember to pack the relevant converters and chargers (the UK uses 230 volts). Remember to check with your accommodation provider about which appliances are allowed in your room. 

If you haven't already provided copies of your certificates and transcripts, make sure you bring these with you as they may be needed at your induction.  

Kitchen, bedding & bathroomUniKitOut

We know it can be stressful trying to figure out what you’ll need for your accommodation-not to mention trying to pack all this into your suitcases! We've partnered with UniKitOut who provide bespoke student packages from kitchen, bedding/linen packs and all the extras you might need for your new home at discounted rates.

You can order everything you need for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom now and UniKitOut will ensure that everything is ready and waiting for you when you arrive in September. If you’re planning to arrive for the start of Welcome Week (September 7/8) make sure you order by September 4 so that our team can deliver your kits on time.

When ordering please use your Athena Hall address but please ensure your delivery does not arrive before September 2. 

Before purchasing your UniKitOut pack make sure to check the details of your tenancy to find out what’s already provided and whether any items are prohibited in your accommodation. We also strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover your belongings in case they get broken or stolen.