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What impact will your gift have?

Our philanthropic efforts support our values and operating principles.

Funds received are used to support and develop access to our courses and enhance the student experience, alongside making improvements to our facilities and resources, that would not otherwise be funded.

Gifts made to the University were unless specified by the donor(s), are directed to our Annual Philanthropic Fund, allowing us to make gifts across a broad spectrum of areas and impact the largest number of individuals and groups.

If you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose or to a specific group, please contact or call the Alumni Relations and Development team on 01473 338737 to discuss your potential donation.

Disbursement of Gifts

All gifts will be disbursed as soon as possible to the intended recipients and under the management of the University of Suffolk Executive Group and Foundation Board. 

All unrestricted gifts made will be disbursed via a bid process which will be overseen by the Foundation Board and managed by the Alumni Relations and Development Team. Any gifts made for a particular purpose will be distributed as agreed between the donor and the University.