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What I would go back and tell myself before starting university...



Join the Facebook groups early

There are Facebook group chats for each year of every subject, put a post on the Starting University Facebook group and soon enough someone will add you to the group chat! The sooner you join the group for your course the more you get to know each other before uni starts, and that first day of introductory lectures will be less daunting!

Find your reading list

This will tell you what books you need for which module, hopefully you will have your timetable so you can make sure you’re prepared for the first module! I couldn’t find my reading list, so assumed no one else had it – I was wrong. Everyone knew but me, if you can’t find it ask in the group chat – seriously don’t be afraid to use that group chat!

Reach out to your lecturers

Arranging a face to face meeting or a video call is a great way to get to know your lecturer, it’s also a good time to go over any questions you might have (how do I find the reading list, for example). Remember they’re here to help you.

Practice cooking before you get here

Some of you are lucky and grew up with parents who love to cook and passed this critical skill down to you. You probably can’t even remember what it was like to struggle chopping an onion. Others of you may be like me and will have to teach yourself how to cook under the intense gaze of strangers, I mean your new flat mates. Cooking is a stressful ordeal, get some practice in now.

Don’t cheap out on your room

Bring decorations for your bedroom. I thought I’d save some cash by not splashing out on décor for my room, this was such a big mistake. As a student during the pandemic, I spent an unimaginable number of hours in my tiny halls with no mirror, no posters, an ugly old duvet and it was depressing to say the least. You are going to be spending a lot of time in your room, making it look nice will do so much for your mental health.

Look after your sleep schedule

It's easy to mess up and hard to fix. Don’t worry about going out on a Friday or Saturday night, or both. But when it’s a weeknight I’d advise against staying up any later than 12am, before you know it you’ll be waking up at 3pm and going to bed at 5am.

Try out societies

I always knew I wanted to make the most of societies on offer, so I wasn’t afraid to jump right in, but I have a lot of friends who regret spending their first year hiding away. Three years isn’t as long as you think, make the most of it!

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