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What I bring to my lectures


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Being in my third year now, I pretty much subconsciously put the things I need for my lecture in my bag, as most of it hasn’t changed since my first year. What you bring to your lectures will very much depend on your course, especially if you do something practical or placement based. I’m mostly in lectures and seminars, so here’s the things I’ll bring when I have a full day at uni.

The main thing I always have to take to lectures is my laptop. I have a really tiny one that fits on any desk in the uni and can be a tablet or a laptop. It’s perfect for taking notes, finding statistics, and looking at the PowerPoint at the same time. I also bring a small notebook in case there’s anything I need to keep and write down and always bring pens and highlighters. Sometimes we have printouts to look at during lectures, and highlighters really help to keep the key information I need.

I always bring a big bottle of water everywhere I go. Staying hydrated helps brain function and keeps me focused throughout the day. If I need waking up, I’ll take my travel cup down to the café for a strong coffee. I usually bring my own healthy snack to uni (fruit is my absolute favourite!)

If I spend a whole day at uni, I’ll usually bring some beauty products for a mid-day re-fresh (vain, I know!). It’s usually some hair ties, lipstick and body spray to keep me feeling my best. It’s great for when I haven’t slept well and need to look more awake. Oh, and lip balm and hand cream go without saying.

My phone, purse, keys and ID go everywhere with me, but I also love to bring my charger or power bank with me. Sometimes my classmates and I will have an impromptu study session, and it’s terrible to have to leave early just because my phone is running out of battery.

This might sound like a lot, but my bag is never all that heavy. If you get the right sized items, you’ll have everything you need to fit straight into your bag.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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