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What to expect from university halls


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Starting university is really exciting, and for a lot of us, it’s the first time that we’ve really moved away from home and experienced proper independence. Living in university halls can feel a lot different from being at home, or even in your own rented accommodation, so here’s a few ideas of what to expect.

Social life

Depending on what halls you’re in depends on how social it will be. Some university halls will put on their own events for you to meet people. You’ll also find that shared kitchen spaces make a load of difference! If you’re in a flat where you share the kitchen with 4 or 5 people, you’ll find that your flatmates are often the first people you make friends with. 

Everyone is different

On the whole, flatmates are mostly nice and considerate, but they’re more than likely to have a trait that gets on your nerves (quite like siblings). You might be incredibly tidy and do your washing up straight away and someone else will leave it for a couple of days.

It’s good just to have a conversation about everyone's expectations, but remember that you’re all going to think differently, so keep that in mind.

Make it feel like home

If you’ve visited university accommodation before, it’s more than likely you were shown a show flat. Show flats tend to be a utopia of clean, sparkling rooms and kitchens laid out with plates that match. These show flats just tell you what the flat could look like with people living there, but when you arrive, don’t expect there to be bedding, decorations, etc. 

There will be certain things you need to bring, so take that as an opportunity to make your room your own. After all, you will want to feel at home there. 

Use this handy checklist as a guide to what you need to bring with you. 


Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 

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