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What to do while you wait for your A Level results


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It’s the end of your A Levels (yay!); take a well deserved break! It can be a very nerve wracking couple of months while you wait for your results to come through. Here are a few things that you can do to take your mind off things while you wait.

Have a clear out

There’s nothing worse than having a room full of revision cards, scrap paper and notes everywhere while you try not to think about what’s written on them. It can be so easy to look through everything and stress over whether or not you remembered that detail in your exam.

So during the first week of your long break, have a clear out. All the papers and things that you know you won’t use again can be recycled. Sell your old text books and get your room back to a normal state. This is the first step to not worry about your results.

Do something with your time

This might sound a bit of an obvious point, but I’ve said before about how easy it is just to sit around and do nothing during your summer. So just make sure that you’re doing something, whether it’s travelling, working or volunteering. Whatever you do will take your mind off the approaching results day.

Focus on the future

As harsh as it may sound, A Levels are over and there’s nothing that you can now do to change your result. Your hard work will pay off, and that’s what you can be sure about. If things don’t go to plan, its not the end of the world either. But focus on what’s to come, be it university, a job, or something else, you have the future to look forward to.


Good luck with any more exams any of you may have, and enjoy your summer! Think of A Levels as a learning curve, and if things don’t go to plan with your university choices, make sure you take a look at Clearing.

There are so many opportunities out there, so make sure that your time off isn’t spent worrying about your results.


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