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What to do during the evenings



When you get your timetable for your first semester, it will seem like you have a lot of free time. Don’t get into a trap of thinking that you have an endless amount of time; you don’t! But you’ll find that you have a lot of evenings free and you should use them wisely.

Catch up on your work

University is a time to enjoy yourself, but make sure that you keep up on all your uni work. You don’t want to spend all your evenings studying, but you may want to think about dedicating an evening or two to catching up (especially around exam and deadline time!).

Go to a sports event

The Students' Union run sessions throughout the week, with various sports on offer depending on what you enjoy. Whether you’re into football, want to learn some self defence, or relax doing some yoga, there’s something for everyone. The sessions are well-priced for students and a great way to stay active and enjoy yourself.

Go out with your friends

Ipswich has so many options if you're wanting to spend an evening with your friends, and many places offer special deals for students. The Buttermmarket offers ninja tag, bowling, and the cinema, as well as many restaurants. Cardinal Park is also a place for students to enjoy an evening together. 

Take a walk

During the spring and summer months as the days get longer, the parks around Ipswich offer a relaxing area to walk, bike or to just sit and relax. After a long day of lectures, it can be lovely just to sit and catch up with your friends in these beautiful areas.

However you choose to spend your evenings while at university, make sure you spend it making new friends and getting involved in university life. But also remember that you are now responsible for your own time, so make sure you don’t leave any work to the last minute (it’s so easy to do!).

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