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Welcome 2018/19

Welcome! It's almost time for the start of your next journey and we want you to embrace this opportunity at the University of Suffolk. If you are starting a course with us in 2018/19 we have prepared some information below to assist you. Have a read through the various sections below, making sure you check the Induction Dates section as this will tell you when and where you need to be on your first day. We wish you all the best and hope this is the start of an exciting time for you.

While you're here...become a Course Rep!

View the video below featuring Georgia, our SU President. 

Enrolment and Induction Explained

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Let us tell you more about enrolling online before the start of your course and what to expect from our Induction sessions.

Your ID card

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All students will be given an ID card for the duration of their studies. We just need a lovely photo of you to get this set up.

International and EU Students

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Additional information to help prepare students from outside of the UK settle into life in Suffolk. 

Induction dates

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Induction starts on your first day and continues for the first few weeks of your course, it is designed to ensure you have a smooth transition into your studies.

Your Students' Union

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To put it simply, we believe that every student at the University of Suffolk should have an awesome experience.  Click below to find out more.

Become a Student Ambassador


Student Ambassadors act as role models for the University, assisting with a range of activities and events. It's a paid role and great for work experience. 

New Starters Area

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Take a look at our useful information to help you prepare for joining the University.

Getting Started with IT


Find out about the free software you can access as a student, when you get access to student emails and some recommendations about purchasing equipment.

Student Services

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We want your to feel supported throughout your studies here, knowing how and where to access this support is your first step.