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Waterfront Gallery

Welcome to the Waterfront Gallery at the University of Suffolk in Ipswich, an innovative and exciting contemporary exhibition space.

The Gallery is located within the main university Waterfront Building, facing onto the idyllic Ipswich Waterfront. Our exhibition space is adjacent to the vibrant Cargo Cafe, which offers a selection of refreshments to be enjoyed while experiencing the art and the impressive waterfront view.

Admission to the Waterfront Gallery is free and all are welcome, students, staff and members of the public alike. The Gallery is currently open from Monday to Sunday. For more information on our programme please visit the Forthcoming exhibitions.


In 2016, the Waterfront Gallery hosted a wide range of exhibitions. It started the year hosting the international exhibition entitled 'Collateral Drawing' which revealed elements from the artists creative process and featured works from many internationally acclaimed artists including Glenn Brown, Gillian Carnegie and Ryan Gander. The year finished with a series of exhibitions showcasing the young creative talent within our region.

In 2017 our dynamic programme will continue to provide local audiences with the opportunity to engage with contemporary art.

The Waterfront Gallery is home to the 'East Contemporary Art: A Collection of 21st Century Practice which is housed at the university. The collection is the initiative of Robert Priseman and Simon Carter who set out to create a new contemporary art collection, distinct from the historic collections yet complementary to them. The university is proud to house this permanent collection that captures the diversity of practice in the region and re-affirms the importance of artists work to our creative journey. It signals the development of the relationships between artists and university academic staff and students and will impact on wider community engagement. It also has the potential to open discussion on practice and process, and provides a platform for wider arts debates. For more information about the collection please visit the East Contemporary Art webpages.

In 2017 our dynamic programme will continue to provide local audiences with the opportunity to engage with contemporary art.

Current Exhibition

Beneath the Skin

Annabel Mednick

5 February - 26 February 2018

This exhibition is a collaboration between artist Annabel Mednick and Leo Collins, it is an exploration in paint of the life and capability of an intelligent, articulate young man in which his disability is acknowledged.

The project began in 2015 when Leo who is transgender and has cerebral palsy approached Annabel as he was interested in working with an artist. He wanted to show that disability and constant movement is not a barrier to exploring life.

Annabel is a professional artist who works mainly in oil on canvas. She has exhibited internationally and has won awards for her work which , including at the BP National Portrait Gallery portrait awards.  She often works thematically over periods of time to create bodies of work to be presented in their entirety. 

The idea of painting and drawing someone who constantly moves and had altered thier external appearance to fit more with what they felt like on the inside, appealed to the artist. This two yeart project has resulted in a body of work that incorporates paintings and drawings alongside film, sound and poetry. The exhibition invites the viewer to look at the person rather than the disability but without pretending that the disability is not there. 

This exhibition will be supported by a series of events that promotes discussion around the themes of capability and identity. 

You are invited to the launch night of Annabel Mednick, Beneath the Skin. The evening begins with a panel discussion that reflects on the importance of the Arts as an inclusive space for the representation of disability and accessibility. It will also consiser the application of the social model of disability and the Arts. The panellist include:
Annabel Mednick
Leo Collins
Dr Allison Boggis, UoS
Hugh Whittall, Nuffield Council on Bioethics
John Ferguson, Photographer

Follwed by the viewing of the exhibition in the Waterfront gallery
7.00pm - 8.30pm

To book a FREE ticket please click on  TICKET

‘Ascension’ (oil on canvas, 122 x 91cm) The struggle of both gender and disability.

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Carol Gant - Arts Curator
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