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Hortis Linearis   

5th March to 6th April The Waterfront Gallery

An exhibition by Professor Maciej Świeszewski of the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts 

Professor Maciej Świeszewski’s drawings and paintings are about human pain and suffering. This is based on his own geography and personal history, being a child of Post-War Europe growing up in Poland, which played home to some of the most extreme Nazi death camps during the Second World War, such as Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka.

His work is influenced by artists such as Otto Dix, Zoran Mušič, Alfred Kubin, Jacek Malczewski and Bronisław Linke who share his need to depict a condition of human suffering which underpinned for Świeszewski the theory of the collective unconscious, first introduced by Carl Jung in 1916. 

Maciej Świeszewski is Dean of the Faculty of Painting and Graphics at The Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts has held exhibitions of his work at The Foundation of Contemporary Art, Warsaw (1991), Galerie Dorota Kabiesz, Düsseldorf (1991), The XIV Chicago International Art Exposition (1993), 1112 Gallery, Chicago (1998), National Museum Cracow (2002), Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa (2010), Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (2011) and The China Academy of Art, Hangzhou (2017).

There will be a Private view at 4.30 on Tuesday 5th March.

Professor Świeszewski will speak about his work on Tuesday 5th March at 6.30

At 12.30 on Tuesday 6th March Doctor Roman Nieczyporowski will give a talk on The Art and Memory of the Holocaust.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Dead Spaces – Inside the Cemetery Cities of the Philippines. 8th- 15th April

Shot in Metro Manila and Cebu City this visual narrative takes a look inside the sprawling cemetery cities of the Philippines that in recent years have become home to hundreds of poor migrant families. It starts with a portrayal of the fading glory of ethnic Chinese mausoleums in Manila. Shots of elaborate, lovingly maintained tombs are followed by images showing varying degrees of decay and distress. Economic and demographic trends have contributed to the deterioration of these once imposing necropolises. Rapid population growth and migration from rural areas have created huge pressure on urban infrastructure and poorer families have also been displaced from make-shift shanty towns by redevelopment. With nowhere else to go, many have made their homes in these vast cemetery spaces. The images examine aspects of this unusual coexistence of the living and the dead. Whole families live in tombs and mausoleums, cheek by jowl with the dead, often sleeping on the marble slabs that cover interred bodies. Goats, ducks, fighting cocks and numerous dogs and cats add to this eclectic mix. Children are born and families live out their lives in what have become surrogate mini cities housing this bizarre combination of the living and the dead.



Bio: Phil Poole

After 35 years spent working as a financial economist for various banks in London, much of it as a specialist in emerging markets, Phil has embarked on a second career in photography and is currently studying for a degree in Photography at the University of Suffolk. His interests include documentary and urban landscape genres and in approaching photographic subjects he is working to leverage his extensive experience in emerging and frontier markets. This approach is evident in his first book, Dead Spaces – Inside the Cemetery Cities of the Philippines, from which most of the images in this exhibition are taken. Shot in Metro Manila and Cebu City the visual narrative highlights how migrants drawn to urban areas by the economic pull of the large conurbations have fallen through the cracks and been forced to live among the dead in these once imposing necropolises. In addition to on-going work in the Philippines, Phil is also currently working on a photographic project in Ukraine which will feature a twist on traditional portraiture.



S E Barnet

Waterfront Gallery

April 15 – May 7, 2019


‘WELCOME’ is an installation for the Waterfront Gallery surrounding Barnet’s experience as an immigrant to the UK. Incorporating drawings based on immigration documentation alongside appropriated objects, this exhibition focuses on a singular personal narrative amid the backdrop of one of the most challenging phenomena facing contemporary societies.


As this work exists within the educational institution, the process of installation will occur over the duration of the exhibition, culminating in a closing event.

S E Barnet is currently in the UK on an Exceptional Talent Visa. Her artwork has been exhibited at The Getty Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The American Academy in Rome, and the ICA in London. Her book projects and related performances have launched at Anagram Books in Berlin, the Poetic Research Bureau in Los Angles and Tenderbooks in London. She has contributed illustrations and writing to three projects published by Verse Chorus Press. Her work has been written about in Art in America, Art Forum, and Art Papers. An essay by M A Greenstein on her work is included in Intellect Book’s Videogames and Art. She has received various grants and awards including The Artist’s Information Company’s New Collaborations Bursary, a Durfee ARC grant, the Long Beach Museum of Art’s 1999 New Vision’s Video Production Grant, the Panavision Young Filmmakers Award and, as part of the MOISTURE collective, a LEF Arts Foundation grant and a Beall Center for the Arts grant. Her work is in the collection of the Getty Research Institute and a DVD compilation of her videos are available through System Yellow at She is currently Course Leader for Fine Art at the University of Suffolk. Barnet’s UK visa is up for renewal fall of 2019.


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