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Valentine's Day



Valentine’s Day is coming up, and as a student, it’s sometimes difficult to find something within your budget. We’ve pulled together some ideas for a budget Valentine’s Day (you can’t buy love after all).

Staying in

While everyone else is stressing about making an extra special Valentine’s Day, why not stay in and cook a meal together. Watch a movie after, play a game, or just talk, and make it an evening to remember.

Visit a city

We’re so lucky in Suffolk to have cities like Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, and Cambridge so close. Take a train there, and then just walk around the city, get some cheap food from a food truck, and explore a new place. Finish it off with a drink in the bar if you’re feeling fancy.

Something fun

Everyone likes going back to their childhood, so take a trip out bowling and see the competitive side of each other. If that’s not really your thing, spend an evening at the arcade or at Rollerworld in Colchester. A couple’s skate is as romantic as it gets.

Winter walks

This one’s free, so a good one for students. We’ve got lots of walks in parks and countryside, and you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after. There could even snow, so get ready for those photos. If you don’t fancy walking, take a bike and bike along some of the trails in Suffolk together.

Do something creative

Painting, pottery, or something messy, there’s always something creative you can do. If you’re a real romantic, make a scrapbook together of some of your best memories and laugh over your best and most embarrassing times.

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